Episode 7

Season 3, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 9/3/2012
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From ABC: With $250,000 close at hand, a conflicted contestant has to choose between strategy and loyalty in a last minute decision that could betray a very best friend.

‘Bachelor Pad‘ Recap: Dangling Death and Karaoke

We‘re down to our final four couples on Bachelor Pad after we were deprived last week of Lindzi and villainy douche-turned-loverboy Kalon. It‘s amazing how unlikable and awful the guy was on The Bachelorette compared with how awesome he was on this show. I guess his lying tendencies were much better suited to a competition for money instead of love. The ironic part is that he didn‘t win any money, but he found love! Ahhh the joys of reality television. This episode promises a sexy pool dangle (my guess is that‘s an Ed specialty), a quick elimination (they show us three couples preparing for the second challenge, so it‘s pretty easy to figure out who gets kicked off first -- Thanks ABC!), a singing competition for people who can‘t sing and holy hell, Night Ranger! Talk about a random band to make a reality show appearance. Let‘s get to it!
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