Zoey 101: Is Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Again?!
Zoey 101: Is Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Again?!
There’s such a thing as wanting to be like your older sister and then there’s taking things to extremes. After knowing Kevin Federline for less than a year, Britney Spears married him and had two children. Not surprisingly, the relationship didn’t work out and after the meltdown that Britney went through, she only has partial visitation rights with her two sons. Her younger sister, Jamie Lynn (former star of Zoey 101) had her first child at the age of 16 this year, with boyfriend Casey Aldridge. This week, reports have been flying that the younger Spears is, in fact, pregnant again with her second child!

According to The National Enquirer, just 3 months after giving birth to baby Maddie Brian, Jamie Lynn got pregnant again. According to a source close to the situation, Spears was under the false assumption that she could not get pregnant while breastfeeding. She recently took a pregnancy test, which came out positive, and it caused the young star to break down. “Jamie Lynn is about eight weeks pregnant, and she and her mom Lynne are hysterical,” the source told The National Enquirer. “Neither of them knows what to do, but for now they’re trying to keep the news from getting out.” 

The timing of Jamie Lynn’s supposed pregnancy could not be worse, especially considering reports that her fiancé has been unfaithful to her. The Enquirer also reported that Casey attempted to sell them his story that he never cheated on Jamie Lynn for $100,000.

Jamie Lynn's rep told OK magazine this week that the story was absolutely false and that the young star is not pregnant.  However, today, Perez Hilton said that a family member confirmed that Jamie Lynn is going to have another baby.  According to the celeb blogger, Lynne Spears wasn't the only one steaming at the news.  Fiancé Casey Aldridge was also upset by the news, especially since he supposedly found out through the media and not from Jamie Lynn herself.  It's also being said that the family is pressuring Jamie Lynn to terminate the pregnancy and are denying the reports in the meantime while they decide how best to handle things.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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