Jamie Lynn Spears' Million Dollar Payday
Jamie Lynn Spears' Million Dollar Payday
Jamie Lynn Spears, Zoey 101 star and sister of fallen pop icon Britney Spears, received a roughly one million dollar payday for selling her pregnancy story to OK Magazine, sources say.  Jamie Lynne and her mom Lynne orchestrated the deal (one assumes there had to be some bidding), which includes the option for OK Magazine to purchase additional stories and exclusives, including the first baby pictures.  Lynne Spears is said to be the puppet master behind the whole enterprise, making the decision to sell the exclusive story.  Add this to Jamie Spears, the father, reportedly being furious about the whole thing (and the fact that he will receive no money) and you have yourself one explosive story. 

Is it OK to be outraged at the lack of outrage over this story?  Perhaps I'm not paying enough attention and the world is sufficiently outraged over the despicable acts of the entire Spears clan, but that doesn't look to be the case.  The getting pregnant thing is not entirely awful, it happens, teenagers get knocked up, but for the mother of a 16-year old pregnant TV star to sell her daughter's “story” for a cool million dollars reeks of irresponsible exploitation.  If the story that Britney found out about her sister's pregnancy just like everyone else is true (and we have no reason to believe that it's not), then it makes the whole situation just that much more reprehensible.  Say what you want about Britney and her current mental state, but why punish and embarrass her more (“Leave Britney alone!”).  Or course, the reason she probably wasn't told is that it needed to be kept a secret to ensure that OK Magazine's payday came through.  Ech.

Another rumor emerged this week that I want to touch on briefly, unbelievable though it may be.  Star Magazine is mongering that former boyfriend Casey Aldridge is not the father of Spears unborn child, and that he's being paid off to be the fall guy.  Why?  Well, Star is saying that an unnamed, older executive at Zoey 101 is the real father and that it's being covered up to save everyone involved a litany of obvious legal trouble.  Now, typically I'd take a story like this and consider it impossible and ridiculous the second after reading it.  However, with Jamie Lynn Spears, anything is possible.  After all, the National Enquirer actually broke the pregnancy story before OK Magazine, but it was vehemently denied by Spears' team, so as to keep OK Magazine's cover story an exclusive.  So, who knows?  We live in a sick world. 

Also, one more thing: I didn't want to comment on this, but it just makes me so angry.  Lindsay Lohan's father has spoken out about this whole situation, telling the Spears clan to “stand together” during their troubled times.  First, who the hell contacted Michael Lohan and asked him about this?  Why should anyone care what he has to say?  Is the opinion of any random, crappy father news worthy? 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Reuters, Star Magazine