'Zero Hour' Review: It's Time for an Adventure
'Zero Hour' Review: It's Time for an Adventure
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Are you a fan of Dan Brown's conspiracy novels like The Da Vinci Code or James Rollins' Sigma Force series? If yes, then you should check out ABC's new drama Zero Hour premiering tonight. It's a mystery that intertwines the Nazi and religious past with a present day terrorist threat and the possible end of the world.

The premise introduced in the premiere, "Strike," is definitely convoluted and has a few too many convenient coincidences to be believable, but that's what makes conspiracies enticing. 

If you are looking for a show that is detailed and plausible, Zero Hour is not for you. If you want to sit back and be introduced to an adventure with far-reaching consequences, then it's worth giving the premiere a look.

The story begins back in 1938 when the secret religious society, Rosicucians, uncover a Nazi horror and fear that the German government may be close to finding the secret they have been hiding.

In the present day, Hank Galliston (Anthony Edwards, ER), publisher of a paranormal magazine, Modern Skeptic, is confronted with a real-life conspiracy of his own when his wife Laila (Jacinda Barrett, Suits) is kidnapped by one of the FBI's most wanted, White Vincent (Michael Nyqvist, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.)

FBI Special Agent Rebecca Riley (Carmen Ejogo, Chaos) gets involved once they realize that White Vincent was responsible for the abduction. Laila, the owner of a clock shop, wouldn't be a normal target this terrorist. The FBI assumes that she's not only a victim, but involved in some nefarious activity herself to be of interest to White Vincent. 

Hank doesn't trust Rebecca or the FBI and instead relies on two of his reporters Rachel Lewis (Addison Timlin, Californication) and Arron Martin (Scott Michael Foster, Californication). While trying to determine why Laila was taken, Hank comes across a clock purchase that she made that morning.

The clock is the target and the key to opening a conspiracy from so many years before. By the end of "Strike," it becomes clear that Hank's involvement is not just a coincidence, but perhaps fated.

Zero Hour's premiere unfolds the mystery at an incredibly fast past which stretches credibility, but at the same time allows for quick reveals. By the end of the hour, a deep mythology has been established and a path is created for Hank, Rebecca, Rachel and Arron to pursue throughout the season. 

Twelve men. Twelve clocks. Protecting a secret!

Check out a video preview.

Zero Hour airs Thursdays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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