What Would TV Do? Winter Blues
What Would TV Do? Winter Blues
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Life is complicated. TV can help. "What Would TV Do?" attempts to explore life's mysteries, problems and everyday situations with the assistance of the life lessons offered by television.

It's cold. It's dark. A lot of the time, it's wet. Winter sucks.

Fortunately, television helps a lot when it comes to winter blues. The glowing light of the TV warms our bodies and our hearts, even on the coldest of nights.

But television can also transport us to warm, sunny places -- places where winter doesn't have to exist at all!

What would TV do?
Take a trip to Hawaii.
Television loves Hawaii. And why not, considering that it's a tropical paradise where even cops surf continuously and find a myriad of reasons to remove their shirts. You can experience all of this with a quick Hawaii Five-0 trip to the state's tropical shores!

Just watch out for the terrorists, kidnappers and criminal masterminds. Apparently, there are a lot of them in Hawaii.

Hit the beaches of Miami.WinterBlues-Dexter.jpg
If Hawaii's not hot enough for you, how about the sweaty, sizzling environs around Miami? It's a favorite of television, as evidenced by visits with Dexter and Burn Notice. The beaches and beautiful people never diminish, and that art deco architecture is pretty cool too.

Granted, TV tells us that Miami is peopled with violent sociopaths. But the weather is awesome!

WinterBlues-OfftheMap.jpgEngage in lifesaving work in a tropical locale.
Finding warmth through television doesn't need to be as shallow as lying on a sunny beach. You can help others while working on your tan!

The pretty doctors of Off the Map have this totally figured out. By saving lives in a tropical South American jungle, they get to be heroes and enjoy balmy temperatures.

Creepy parasites and unreliable plumbing are but a small price to pay.

Magically bring about perpetual summer.WinterBlues-JerseyShore.jpg
TV knows that you don't actually need to go to a warm climate in order to have summer year-round. If that were the case, how could one explain Jersey Shore? (We'll ignore the question of why one would explain Jersey Shore.)

It's the dead of winter, yet somehow, miraculously, it's prime tanning and partying weather at the Shore! Who needs global warming when you've got television?

WinterBlues-Lost.jpgLeave the world behind for a deserted tropical island.
When all else fails, a tropical island all to yourself is the perfect antidote to a cold, dark winter. You just need to realize how good you've got it when that tropical island magically appears, as it did on Lost. How much more fun would the plane-crash survivors have had if they had spent more time tanning and less time struggling in the jungle?

Feeling any warmer? Of course you are! Isn't it great how the Sun shines just a little brighter on TV?

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