What Would TV Do? Awards Shows
What Would TV Do? Awards Shows
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
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We are slowly but surely coming to the end of what entertainment types call the "awards season." And TV has been all over it. Sure, not every awards show focuses on television, but TV's own constant obsession with the awards shows makes up for it. In order to emulate TV, you definitely need to devote a great deal of attention to any awards program.

What would TV do?

Air them! Air them all!!!
TV knows that you love awards shows. You know you do. Even if you don't, you should.

That's why television takes the trouble to air every single awards show that it can get its electronic hands on. The Emmys, the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Grammys, the Spirit Awards, the Kids' Choice Awards, the People's Choice Awards, the MTV Music Awards and the Tonys are only some of the fine awards shows you could be watching throughout the year.

Regularly scheduled broadcasts? Forget them when there's an awards show to air.

Devote hours of the schedule to coverage.
Television knows that it's not just the awards themselves that people care about. If that were the case, why would TV bother with red carpet specials? Why would there be pre-show coverage? Or post-show coverage? Or in-depth analysis of the fashions worn by people who would never deign to set foot on television (except on cable shows, a decade or so after the award win)?

If all of this weren't important, TV would know better than to spend so much time with it.

Bring on the TV stars, no matter what the awards are actually for.
Many of the awards shows that air on television are meant to honor areas of the entertainment industry totally unrelated to television. So you'd think that they'd have their own stars appear at the ceremonies.

You'd be wrong about that. The awards shows are all about the TV people.


Television is good and kind about lending its stars out to other areas of the entertainment industry. That's why Neil Patrick Harris can wander off of How I Met Your Mother to host the Tony Awards. And the Emmys. And the Spike Video Game Awards. Ricky Gervais is almost as famous for hosting the Golden Globe Awards now as he once was for a little show called The Office. Zachary Levi, the star of Chuck, will represent TV at this year's Academy Awards, when he shows up to sing the Oscar-nominated song from Tangled. And every awards show wants those kids from Glee!

Yes, TV is all about awards shows. And that means you should be all about them too. Don't fight it. Why would you want to? It's not like there will be anything else on worth watching.

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