WWE RAW Recap: A New Generation (Page 1/2)
WWE RAW Recap: A New Generation (Page 1/2)
Was tonight the very start of a new era in the WWE? That may be pushing it, but for the first time in a long time this episode of WWE RAW was systematically built around building up a new crop of stars. MVP, The Miz, Matt Hardy, Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston and The Brian Kendrick all got something to work with and seemed as though none of them were getting to let the moment pass without doing all they could to prove they deserved it. Maybe The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, John Cena and Triple H all being off at the same time will prove to be the best thing to happen to the WWE in a while.

As usual I blogged my live thoughts.

9:05 Randy Orton does a monologue with Priceless behind him bragging about being the new champion and threatening to destroy anyone who gets in his way just like he did Triple H.

9:11 Vickie Guerrero announces Randy Orton will have his first title defense at Judgment Day against the winner of a match later tonight between The Big Show and Batista, Randy doesn't look particularly threatened, nor should he. Those are totally mediocre opponents.

9:14 Woah! YOU'RE KIDDING! MVP's music hits and I'm dancing around the room. That's my boy! That's the guy I've been advocating from day one! "Randy, my name is Montel Vontavious Porter. Most people in the WWE universe call me MVP... Let me put you on notice, man. I'm the United States champion and I don't answer to nobody." The crowd is responsive. That's right! That's right! "I don't have a couple of Abercrombe and Fitch models to do my dirty work!" MVP throws out one zinger after another, eventually goading Orton into asking Vickie for a match. It's the US champion against the world champion in the main event tonight. Presumably he'll lose but it's very exciting to see him even get this opportunity to prove he belongs in the main event picture.

9:23 When going through the new RAW roster Jerry Lawler hypes Brian Kendrick, who's got a new costume and a new song as he comes to the ring. Kendrick scolds Lillian for not calling him THE Brian Kendrick. And it gets cooler and cooler tonight as Kofi Kingston is coming down to the ring to fight him. I love this. All of my favorite guys are on RAW now.

9:27 It's an action packed match as these guys seem to climb on thin air and crash downwards to kick one another like characters in a Street Fighter game.

9:29 Backstage Vickie embraces Edge and The Big Show leans in to kiss her. She turns him down. He chides her that it's going to get very lonely on Monday nights but she tells him from here on out it's got to be strictly professional. He thanks her. She seems convinced she's right about this.

9:34 I'm still amazed by the clip from Backlash where The Great Khali whacks Beth Phoenix across the snout like a bad dog.

9:35 Santina is going to be teaming up with Kelly Kelly, Brie Bella and my girl Mickie James, who's sporting her little hunter's cap and grunge look today. They're facing Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendes, Jillian, and Maryse, who's just sizzling tonight as she poses for the camera. Santina, in light of having her shirt ripped off last night, has gone  modified her look to go with a white car wash style t-shirt tied at the belly button. In a truly bizarre moment Rosa Mendes chases Brie Bella under the ring where she finds both Bella twins hiding down there kissing Hornswoggle. Yes, you read that right. Hornswoggle sprays Jillian with a fire extinguisher and Santina rolls her up for the win. As a thank you Santina lifts up her skirt and does a dance for Hornswoggle, who runs away crying. I'm telling ya - normally I hate the WWE's goofy slapstick comedy but this Santino stuff is funny.

9:41 This week on WWE Superstars it's Ted DiBiase Jr. against Carlito. You know - sounds alright.

9:45 Jerry Lawler does the "Misteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer Kennnedy!" bit, or at least a bad imitation of it. Now that's a sound byte.

9:46 They play the end of the Hardy's match again with Matt saying "We can do it all again" and begging Jeff to think of their mother looking down from Heaven. That stills bums me out. I still don't think that was likable good guy behavior.

9:48 Matt takes the mic and tells a sob story to the crowd about how Jeff is an insensitive Neanderthal, how he had no choice but to quit for the good of the family, and now he's being forced to wrestle with a broken hand. He wants everyone to know he's doing it under protest. Amazingly, he actually sells it well and earns good heat.

9:50 Matt wrestles Goldust. This should be interesting because he really does have a broken finger. He distracts Goldust and clubs him over the head with his hard cast to get the win. Interesting - it's the old Narcissist gimmick with the legal foreign object. Do they have new writers tonight or something? RAW is firing on all cylinders tonight.

9:57 Randy Orton comes out for his match with MVP. Hey! I thought this was the main event! Not to worry. I'm already doing the head bob for MVP's song. MVP looks so happy out there. He can't stop smiling. The match gets off to a slow start, though.

10:01 Michael Cole reports that Triple H will be out "for some time." Lawler speculates it could be a long, long time. Triple H is still trying to become the focal point of the match.

10:06 Long commercial break.

10:10 The pace finally picks up after a bit of a lackluster match as MVP regains control and the crowd comes alive.

10:11 I should have known it. Shane McMahon interjects himself in the match, beating Orton with a kendo stick and dropping an elbow off the top rope. Now the Legacy is in the ring with steel chairs, Shane is running through the crowd and MVP is long forgotten. He was just a prop, of course. Shane stands on a platform high above the crowd, pointing down at Orton and looking constipated with intensity. Of all of the ways that the McMahons could have ruined this moment they sure found one. Way to shoot yourself in the foot just when it looked like you were starting to make progress, guys.

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