'Work of Art' Acts Natural
'Work of Art' Acts Natural
This week the Work of Artists are going out of town, to a forest. Guess what, nature is the muse! They also must use raw materials from the woods. This is an even more open challenge than the Audi challenge. Guess who doesn't know how to deal with it? Jaclyn, as usual. She hasn't figured out a way to be naked yet. But she has figured out a way to be sick and take a nap.

Meanwhile, Miles is creating mustard gas, to smoke everyone out? He goes with plan B, which is not to poison everyone. The only one I'm skeptical of thus far is Jaclyn, who DID manage to use a naked picture of herself but it wasn't during studio time. Unfair! Jaclyn will pout for the remainder of the day.

Miles went overboard, didn't he? But he helped Peregrine a lot, and should stay for that alone.  Two go home tonight?! I think Abdi's and Peregrine's look the strongest this time. Peregrine's looks awesome, Nicole's looks like Fraggle Rock, Abdi's looks stunning. Jaclyn's is supposedly pure, while Miles's shows "decay"? Or excess. 

Abdi's is well-received by the judges, they love something more personal (but they hated the frame?). Peregrine's didn't go over as well as I thought it would, the judges didn't think the cut-outs were integrated enough. Personally, I think Jaclyn's looks stupid. The judges called it confined, cold, and flat. I like Nicole enough, but her explanation worked harder than the piece did speak for itself. But the judges seemed to like it--sort of. Oddly enough, the judges liked "the madness" behind Miles's work, although one of the judges is onto him, calling it "almost too clever." But they can't stop loving him!

I'm a total mess and have no idea who the judges will send home, let alone who ELSE they will send home. Abdi won this week (YESSSSS). Next they move Miles forward (of course), and it comes down to the women. Jaclyn is out and will go take naked pictures of herself at home (you know, for art). Next to be ousted is . . . Nicole. And everyone, including Peregrine, was like "WHAT?" but I am pretty glad. Surprised, but happy that Peregrine will stick around because I just like her so much. 

Next week, Work of Art proves to be EXACTLY like Project Runway for artists with home visits and a full gallery show for each finalist.  Amazing!!

(image courtesy of Bravo)

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