'Work It' Season 1 Preview Guide: Dress Like A Woman. Get Hired.
'Work It' Season 1 Preview Guide: Dress Like A Woman. Get Hired.
This is an interesting situation ABC has found itself in. When Work It season 1 premieres this January, we'll finally see whether the critics are right -- that the show isn't really that good -- or whether the network's right in standing by this new cross-dressing comedy.

Yep, it's a cross-dressing comedy, but it's not like Emily Howard on Little Britain -- you know, that old man that insist he's a lady? Work It season 1 revolves around two men, very much straight: family man Lee (Ben Koldyke), and ladies man Angel (Prison Break's Amaury Nolasco). Both worked in the same company -- the former a top salesman, the latter head mechanic -- until the place went bust. To make things worse, they realize that they're not exactly in demand at the moment. Mostly because they're men.
But when Lee sees a job opening at a large pharmaceutical company -- one that's only open to females -- he decides to dress up as a woman, complete with heels and make-up, and gets the job. Angel, unhappy with his place in a fastfood spot, decides to follow suit... and gets a job too. Now they're medicine sales reps, pretending to be ladies, hanging out with their mostly excited colleagues, and hiding their true natures. In Lee's case, he's got to keep his tactic to his family. In Angel's case, it's to his new boss, who he's falling for...

Meet the cast of Work It

Work It is definitely an interesting (if not risky) sitcom, and I'm quite curious if it will really attract the attention of the audiences. There is, after all, a lot of stretching of disbelief involved. Work It also stars Lost's Rebecca Mader, Detroit 1-8-7's Rochelle Aytes, Beth Lacke, John Caparulo, Kate Reinders, Kirstin Eggers and Hannah Sullivan.

Work It season 1 premieres January 3 at 8:30pm on ABC.

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