Wipeout: High Ratings, Good; 'MXC' Comparisons, Bad
Wipeout: High Ratings, Good; 'MXC' Comparisons, Bad
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Apparently, the sight of helpless people falling flat on their faces against fake mud is a joy that doesn't go away that easily.  The goofy ABC reality-competition show Wipeout drew in 9.5 million viewers on its second week, just a slight decline from its debut, and second only to NBC's America's Got Talent.  Amazingly, Wipeout also topped the finale of Hell's Kitchen by some 1.8 million viewers.

One of the producers of MXC, a redubbing of a Japanese cult favorite Takeshi's Castle, however, is not jumping for joy.  Wipeout is understandably reaping comparisons with MXC, which, when you think about it really, is a ripoff in itself.
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In any case, Larry Strawther, one of the producers of MXC, is crying foul over Wipeout, which, all things considered, does look a lot like MXC.  According to him, he created a video showing side-by-side moments from the two shows to emphasize the similarities, but it was pulled from YouTube after five days.  In its place, it says that Wipeout producers filed a copyright violation, which Strawther will be fighting with a counter protest of his own.

Wipeout, which is looking to be this summer's surprise hit, features 24 seemingly normal, everyday people compete on an extreme obstacle course, with such contraptions like sucker-punch wall and a “dreadmill.” If they fail the stunt, they fall off, and land, mostly face first, into muddy water.  The winner takes home $50,000.

-Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: LA Times, Kansas City
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