'The X Factor' Season 2 Wildcard Eliminations: Was Race a Factor?
'The X Factor' Season 2 Wildcard Eliminations: Was Race a Factor?
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Last night marked the first of the live result shows for season 2 of The X Factor. Expect the unexpected when it comes to reality talent shows such as this one. If the competition is steering towards crowning one winner, then it's inevitable that we would have unwanted casualties along the way. Thursday night's eliminations proved no different.

Of the four celebrity judges on the X Factor panel, three look to be on fans' hit list after sending three fan favorites home. We said farewell to Diamond White, David Correy and Willie Jones. Is it just the name of the game? Or does race play a controversial factor?

If you have been keeping up with this second season of The X Factor at all, you might recall that each of these contestants had an interesting and touching journey on the show.
Diamond's hopes of winning the title stemmed from her home situation where she is subject to sleeping in the same bed as her mother. David has been on the search for his birth mother, believing that exposure on a reality show would surely grab attention. And Willie is just a country boy from Louisiana with big dreams to find where he belongs. Each with unique voices, each eliminated.

Twitter has blown up with tweets from disappointed fans. Celebrities are even speaking out against the judges' decisions. Take a look at some disappointed tweets:

Whitney Port, fashion designer, on Willie Jones: I can't believe this. I just can't. Tell me it's not true." - @whitneyEVEport

Pia Toscano, American Idol alum on David Correy: David Correy should not have to sing right now.. He proved himself enough last night! Amazing." - @PiaToscao

Dope Crisis, former Season 2 contestant on Diamond White: Ok!!! You know we love you @britneyspears your our homegirl...but sending @diamondkwhite home was a horrible move. - @DopeCrisismusic

One particular fan chose to go the extra mile, touching on a very controversial subject seen from those who were ultimately eliminated. @thats0jack tweets, "wtf they're only keeping the white people WHAT IS THIS? first willie jones, then david correy, now diamond white?!" It's no good that the facts only strengthen Jack's comments. Britney sent Beatrice Miller and Carly Rose Sonenclar through to the Top 12, leaving Arin Ray and Diamond, both of African-American descent, to perform save me songs.

"Hopefully they send Sister C home to balance out their racism," Jack goes on to say. His hopes came true as the country trio were eliminated by Simon Cowell, but the question remains.

Or is it all coincidence? Tell us what you think. were these contestants simply not as talented as those who remain in the competition? Are the judges solely concentrated on who they can best market? Or is it something far less professional and much more personal?

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