ABC Brings Back 'Wife Swap' and 'Supernanny' Tonight
ABC Brings Back 'Wife Swap' and 'Supernanny' Tonight
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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ABC viewers will get a dose of reality TV as it airs new episodes of Wife Swap and Supernanny tonight.  While both programs are of British origin, the former features two families, usually from vastly different social classes and lifestyles, as they swap wives or mothers for two weeks.  The latter, on the other hand, follows professional nanny Jo Frost as she helps parents discipline their children and maintain order in their households.

Read on to find out what's in store for tonight's season opener of Wife Swap and Supernanny.

Wife Swap kicks off its new season with the episode called "Heene/Martel," which centers on a woman, who chases tornados, as she swaps lives with a woman whose cautious family always put safety first.  Hailing from Colorado is the Heene family, consisting of 43-year-old wife Mayumi, 45-year-old storm scientist husband Richard, and their three kids, Bradford (8), Ryo (7) and Falcon (5). They are described as people who live their lives on the edge.

Meanwhile on a quiet street in Connecticut, we find the Martel family, consisting of 43-year-old wife Karen, 50-year-old husband Jay, who runs a child-proofing business, and their two kids, Max (11) and Dean (10).  Unlike the Heenes, the Martels live a life of calm and safety.

Find out what will happen as Karen Martel moves to Colorado to become a storm-chaser, while Mayumi Heene moves in with the Martels wondering how the family has fun tonight at 8pm on ABC.

Afterwards, get ready for the “Quinn Family” as Supernanny premieres its fifth season.  In the opener, Jo travels to New Hampshire to help the parents of four deal with their defiant teens and tweens, consisting of 14-year-old Casey, who is a wrestler at school and is very aggressive at home with his siblings and parents, big sister, Cally, 16, Corey, 10, and Carli, 9.  More often than not, chiropractor dad David often acts like a big kid, laughing at the kids' antics even when they cross the line, leaving mother Gina, a personal trainer, to referee on her own.

Will nanny Jo be able to pull this one off?  Find out tonight at 9pm on ABC.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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