Who Wants to be a Superhero? - Finale Episode 2.7 Recap
Who Wants to be a Superhero? - Finale Episode 2.7 Recap
Who Wants to be a Superhero?'s second season came to an end tonight, and a new ‘Superhero' legend in waiting was crowned, but not before the producers and Sci Fi channel figured out how to stretch the finale to its limits.  What we were expecting to be two solid packed hours of competition turned out to be a painfully plodding mess.  But hey, the camp dial was on 11, and Mr. Lee did not fail to deliver.

The first challenge involved Hyper-Strike, Hygena, and The Defuser once again playing with electricity in an attempt to thwart one of Dr. Dark's evil plans.  One wrinkle though:  this time there are attack dogs.  Don't worry, our faux heroes are decked out in protective gear, but then again this is just another example of how Who wants to be a Superhero is digging into a little bit of Fear Factor shtick.
Hygena, who has infamously been either the slowest or just a complete liability, made the wise decision to make herself into bait.  This didn't exactly work as planned though.   She laid down and let the dogs go at her, but some of them still went after Hyper-Strike and The Defuser.  At one point the big guy – that would be Defuser – was hauling two snarling dogs around as he finished up the challenge.  Yup, they made it in time.

Their next challenge was to appear on Reality Rewind with Kennedy.  Of course it was all a low down dirty trick on Stan's behalf, there were hidden cameras all over the place, including the makeup room., trying to catch the contestants in a relaxed and telling mood.  They all gave up something.  Not good.

So the first elimination round comes around, and we are expecting one to be sent home, probably Hygena, but Stan says they are all three advancing.  So, this year's Who wants to be a Superhero will end up with two second place winners. Strange.

This brings us to hour two, which is a pitifully paced mess.  The gang goes to meet Balls Mahoney of ECW who introduces them to a stunt coordinator who helps them shoot some green screen footage.  Yay.  Back at the lair Stan extracts tearful life stories from the trio in preparation for his final choice.

The show closes at Universal Studios.  The tension is high.  There is the requisite cut to commercial just before the announcement is made, then we come back to learn that The Defuser is this years hero.  I was a bit stunned because at times Defuser was just a bossy jerk, but I think he probably really wanted it.  In his acceptance he wanted to add that he was doing it all for the Police Officers who are overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated.   That should go over well when he goes back to work.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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