'White Collar' Finale Recap: Searching for a Fake Agent
'White Collar' Finale Recap: Searching for a Fake Agent
As if the hunt for a fake FBI agent in a convention full of real FBI agents isn't intriguing enough for a mid-season finale episode, we also get shocking paternity test results involving major characters. Oh yes, this is what we need all right -- a little slap in the face to reawaken how we saw White Collar storylines from past seasons and see them in a whole new light. Yay!

Not A Sweater Vest

The still-bickering duo of Caffrey and Burke get sent to an FBI convention to speak about their unique working relationship when they both wish they didn't even have one. Whoever thought that a criminal and an agent could see eye-to-eye on everything, anyway?

None of that matters when it soon becomes apparent that a fake FBI agent is on the loose to try and steal a top secret version of a new bullet-proof vest. Only, it turns out, the vest isn't the target at all -- rather it's the vest's inventor who is wanted by the impostor.

To Catch A Fake -- Or Two

Jones and Diana help Peter get the name of the fake agent. Ted Anderson? Are you sure guys? That sounds fake. After the cool gunfight though, we could care less.

But wait, there's more! It's a bonus to the finale fun when Peter clues in (thanks to Diana's doing) that Neal got Peter's signature added to a document approving Sam to be spied on. Things get even better when we discover that Sam is not who he says he is because the real Sam croaked in Florida three years ago. If Peter doesn't have a migraine yet, he will soon.

I Am Your Father?

When The Neal is away, "Sam" and Mozzie will play, and they concoct a plan to stop someone from chasing Sam. The someone in question is thought to be an Irish mobster bent on revenge. We hate it when that happens.

Neal kind of gets back in Peter's good graces when Neal saves a tied-up Sam who has had the stuffing beat out of him. This is not pretty and there is a lot of blood. The blood  comes in handy for DNA testing though. The most shocking result is that, at least according to the blood tests, Sam is apparently (pun intended) Neal's father! Shocker supreme!

It might as well be Darth Vader guest starring on White Collar who turns out to be Neal's father. We are that shocked!

Did you love or hate the in-your-face finale of White Collar?

Sheri Stirrs
Contributing Writer

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