'White Collar' Episode 4.13 Preview: Tim DeKay Directs 'Empire City'
'White Collar' Episode 4.13 Preview: Tim DeKay Directs 'Empire City'
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
White Collar season 4 continues on Tuesday, February 5 with an episode called "Empire City," that also happens to be directed by star Tim DeKay. Check out a couple clips from the episode to find out what happens when Peter and Neal delve into the world of taxi cabs and jazz. 

In the preview video for the episode, we see that Neal is of course still on the search for what's behind the mysterious key that Ellen left behind. We also see that Peter is still looking to go after the Senator. How the cases connect we can't tell yet, but both of them end up working a case in a jazz club. A jazz club that puts Diana undercover as a cigarette girl, and into serious danger. 

In the "previously on" clips every week, we always get a hint as to what aspects of the current storyline are going to be relevant to the current episode. From this series of clips we can determine the following:

  • The key is still an important part of the story.
  • Peter and Neal are both going to be searching for the key's secret location.
  • Peter is still after the Senator. 
  • Elizabeth still wants Neal to lie to Peter. 

In the clip from the episode, we find Neal and Mozzie undercover; Mozzie as a cabbie and Neal as his fare. They are chatting about the key and it looks like they've been doing a lot of research since the last time we saw them because, like Neal says, they know a lot more about the key now than when they started. 

Here are a few more things we know from watching the clip:

  • Chasing wild geese is an expensive sport. 
  • Neal and Mozzie have already tracked down a lot of locations to see if they match the key's skyline. 
  • There may be a part of Neal's life that he's not remembering, since Ellen seemed to think he'd know what the key meant. 
  • Mozzie gets angry when someone drives a cab with his same number, since his is (kinda) legal, and he's not afraid to chase the scumbag down. 

What do you think now that you've seen clips and previews from this episode of White Collar? Do you think that Neal will remember the part of his life that he's forgotten and put him and Mozzie in the lead with the key? 

Stay tuned later today for our interview with the director of this episode himself, Tim DeKay as he give us a behind-the-scenes look at filming the episode, plus some teasers about what fans can expect for the rest of this season. 

White Collar airs on Tuesday nights at 10pm on USA. 

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