'White Collar' Preview: Confusing Capers and Heroes on Horseback
'White Collar' Preview: Confusing Capers and Heroes on Horseback
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
When last we saw White Collar, things were a little confusing. Supposed answers turned out to be nothing but more questions. The music box wasn't just a music box. The bad guy wasn't really the bad guy, just another victim roped into the tangled web by the real bad guy. And Mozzie got shot.

Well, if you followed all of that, you're in good shape for tonight's White Collar winter premiere (Jan. 18 at 10 PM).

First off, the Mozzie situation. Despite some early-on flat-lining, Mozzie will feature very prominently throughout the episode. His shooting obviously provides big emotional motivation to Neal, but his influence spreads surprisingly farther than that.

Mozzie's not the only character making waves in the episode. The oft-missing Elizabeth Burke is back in the center of things and providing help in some unexpected areas. Peter's FBI underlings do their supporting thing in a more prominent manner. Even Sara Ellis, insurance investigator and Neal Caffrey-nemesis extraordinaire, returns.

The number of returning cast members may give you some clue as to why this episode is called "Burke's Seven."

Past events provide the launch pad for this episode, as Peter and Neal work to find the man who shot Mozzie. They actually do that part pretty quickly. The FBI identifies him as Julian Larson (played by Paul Blackthorne -- only the first of many guest stars this season), your standard bad guy-for-hire. Neal, meanwhile, does his bit with New York's incredibly attractive network of forgers and ne'er-do-wells.

But it's not that easy. Larson has some trickery of his own to pull, which leads our heroes to engage in more creative methods of criminal apprehension.

Some important points to watch for:
  • Neal has very cool business cards that feature a website. I'm sure this has significance for something or other.
  • Samoa is apparently an excellent place to hide from the long arm of American law enforcement.
  • Never underestimate the importance of one's personal coffee mug.
  • There's an actual Nigerian prince involved. They exist outside of spam!
  • The music box subplot is only going to get more confusing. Sorry.
  • There are still working payphones on the streets of New York City. Or at least that's what White Collar would have us believe.
  • Rubber gloves and kitchen plates both play a major part in Larson's nefarious schemes.
  • Peter rides a horse.
  • We will get a name to go with our nefarious evil overlord by the end of the episode. And his connections to the main characters may surprise you.

How will Mozzie's shooting affect the other characters? Does the music box ever actually lead to anything concrete? Who is pulling the strings and why? Hopefully we'll have answers soon, but, in the meantime, leave your comments below!

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