'White Collar' Season 4: 7 Teases for the Mid-Season Premiere
'White Collar' Season 4: 7 Teases for the Mid-Season Premiere
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
White Collar Season 4 returns with all new episodes tonight at 10 pm ET on USA. In the mid-season premiere, Peter and Neal try to uncover the truth behind Neal's father's crime by going undercover into the world of counterfeit whiskey and taking on the Irish mob.

Here are seven teases for tonight's premiere. Check back tonight for a full recap.

1. Multiple flashbacks reveal how Sam (real name: James Bennett) wound up running afoul of the Irish mob and why he needed to put his family into witness protection

2. Two characters get very drunk on very expensive whiskey. One of them confesses to once losing a $200,000 bottle of whiskey over a game of Candyland.

3. June, Elizabeth and Mozzie all provide crucial elements to Neal and Peter's plan to take on someone in the Irish mob.

4. Peter considers pulling Neal from the operation multiple times.

5. Someone's a bad cook, resulting in their dinner guests feeding food to the dog. Watch the scene now for all the deets:

6. We learn of yet another interesting skill that Mozzie possesses.

7. And someone has to drink an entire bottle of pickle juice.

Need more? Watch another sneak peek clip: 

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