Preview USA's New Show 'Graceland' and Interview with Creator Jeff Eastin
Preview USA's New Show 'Graceland' and Interview with Creator Jeff Eastin
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Next summer, a new show, Graceland, is set to hit your television screens on USA Network from White Collar creator, Jeff Eastin. It's about a group of federal agents from the DEA, FBI, and Customs that live together in a beachfront house called, 'Graceland' and collaborate together undercover.

You are wondering why the house is called Graceland, right? The government seized the property from a guy who was a passionate Elvis fan, hence the name Graceland; seems like a fitting name to me.

Graceland stars Aaron Tveit as newbie agent Mike Warren and Daniel Sunjata is his mentor in the house, Paul Briggs. From the trailer, you can immediately see that they will have a fun, but contentious relationship.

Jeff Eastin talked about his new show earlier this week. Check out what he has to say and watch the extended Graceland trailer. 

How much darker is Graceland going to be than White Collar?

You know, USA has really been pushing the boundaries a little bit lately. I mean, considerably darker than White Collar. ... At the same time, trying to keep the blue sky motif that USA has really popularized, I think it'll be real interesting to see if, you know the same people that like White Collar will like Graceland. I mean, from the testing it looks like they will.

When researching the various agencies did you find there was a natural rivalry between the DEA, FBI, and Customs, or are they receptive to working together?

Yeah ... definitely there's quite a bit of a rivalry. And I think what really appealed to me about this story was this is a case, again, a real house where they took undercovers from Customs, DEA, FBI and, you know shoved them all into one house. And they started to, you know almost emerge together into one like hybrid agency, and all these people were undercover.

So, what you ended up with is a situation where, you had this house and the only place these people could be themselves was inside the house, because [they] were with people of [their] own kind, because if [they] stepped out the door they were lying to their neighbors, they were telling people they were ski instructors or trust fund kids and, they stepped inside those walls of that house and they could be themselves. They stepped outside they were living a lie.

So, it was probably the one place you didn't have those rivalries exist, but what you had in place of that is you had these real human rivalries where you get pissed off because, you know it's like it was your turn to clean the bathrooms today and you didn't do it. So, that really took precedence over it and you had a lot of people - you know the house was good idea and it's - there's still a lot of it that still exists, but it's like, you know just the pressure there to exist in such a tight confine with people in real high pressure jobs. You know, a lot of - there was a lot of burnout. You know, the people lasted about two years on average there just because they couldn't take the pressure of really, you know having no real life outside of the, you know eight folks inside the house.

How is Graceland different from White Collar?

I mean, White Collar is, you know we try to, you know sort of be, you know a very high end show, very white collared show, and I think Graceland is more of a blue collared show. It's more - you know it's probably edgier. White Collar exists in a little bit of a hyper-reality, and I think Graceland is more grounded.

Describe Graceland in three words.

Exciting, fun, and intriguing.

Graceland will premiere on USA Network the summer of 2013.

(Photo and Video courtesy of USA Network)