She Was 'All That': An Amanda Bynes TV Career Retrospective
She Was 'All That': An Amanda Bynes TV Career Retrospective
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This past Saturday morning, between the always-lucid hours of 3 and 4am, actress Amanda Bynes (She's The Man, Hairspray, What A Girl Wants) took to Twitter to announce her retirement from acting.

The tweets, here, immortalized:

amandabynes-retired.jpgYou heard it there first: Amanda Bynes is #retired. (Ever the innovator, Bynes uses a hashtag, previously intended for Twitter indexing, to denote absolute seriousness.)

She's also very attracted to black men. Just for your information.

Now, in the harsh light of the longest day of the year (also a Monday, another of life's cruel jokes, as if Bynes' retirement wasn't enough) we take a look back at Amanda Bynes' life's work in the world of television, where her star was born ... a star that dared to shine too brightly, as you'll see below.

Oh, Amanda Bynes, we hardly knew you.

1996-2002: All That

After two years on the air, Nickelodeon children's sketch comedy series All That needed a replacement for departing cast member Angelique Bates, but it also needed a game-changer. In walked Amanda, and playgrounds across America were immediately abuzz with talk of the show's new breakout star, who screamed and spazzed her way straight into our hearts in sketches like the seminal "Ask Ashley," in which Amanda played a benevolent young girl who makes good use of her bipolarity and rage issues:

1999-2002: The Amanda Show

 Bynes was such a hit on All That that Nickeleon offered her The Amanda Show, where fans could get what they really wanted: all Amanda, all the time! Here, Bynes really got the chance to push herself and show her range, like in these two sketches, "Cookie Dooper," in which she plays an overly enthusiastic young girl who administers electric shock therapy to a mentally unstable man, and "The Literals," where she plays Leslie, a young Asberger's sufferer perpetually on her way to a luau:

2001-2002: Rugrats

taffy3.jpgBynes joined the voice-cast of Rugrats for six episodes as the red-headed, unorthodox babysitter Taffy, who was also the lead singer of a band called "The Saltwaters." (Get it?) In one episode, she leaves her tiny baby-wards alone on a set of bleachers for an entire afternoon while she tries out for the cheerleading squad. Naturally, Taffy is described among Rugrats enthusiasts as the best babysitter they ever had.

2002-2006: What I Like About You

Amanda then starred in the WB sitcom What I Like About You with Jennie Garth. Garth and Bynes played sisters who lived together in New York City and got into the sorts of misadventures that sit-com sisters are prone to do (almost exclusively sex-related). The show also spawned that timeless TV catchphrase, "Oh my damn":

fGuy_LongJohnPeter_ChrisAmanda_v1f.jpg2008: One episode of Family Guy

Bynes played "Anna" in the Family Guy episode "Long John Peter," a veterinarian intern whom Chris dates until Peter advises his son that women like bad boys, so he should verbally abuse her. Later, after learning his lesson, Chris beats his dog Brian almost to death so he can go back to the vet's office and apologize for his belligerent behavior.

2010: ?

And so ends the television career of one of America's most beloved child stars turned Maxim models. Now, after opting out of acting at the young age of 24, her fans are left wondering: Where will Amanda Bynes go from here? No one knows! Probably not even her! But, no matter where the winds of late-night whim take Amanda, she'll always be All That to us.