'Weeds' Season 6 Spoilers
'Weeds' Season 6 Spoilers
VIDEO: Watch the Weeds Season 6 Trailer

Much has been said about the quality (or lack thereof) of post-Agrestic Weeds, but we know true blue fans will still mark August 16 on their calendars. The sixth season of the Showtime series will reportedly find the Botwins in new ground once again, and the just released promo seems to confirm that.

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Judging from this promo, it looks like Nancy (Mary Louis Parker) is set to say goodbye to Esteban and his messy politico/drug trafficker life, as she's seen trying to bury a passport, a gun and a mobile phone (which rings with a call from him).

It was previously reported that Linda Hamilton is joining Weeds this season for a multi-episode arc. The Terminator actress will play Linda, an eco-conscious marijuana grower who will help Nancy settle in quickly in Seattle - yes, Nancy Botwin will be in Seattle. Since Nancy drives a Prius and all, the two already have one thing in common.

Elizabeth Perkins, who as Celia was last seen assembling a team of her own, announced that she will exit this season to pursue another project. Her team is mostly from Nancy's old team - Doug for accounting (Kevin Nealon), Dean for legal (Andy Milder), Sanjay for sales (Maulik Pancholy), the masked wrestler due for supply and her daughter Isabelle for brains.

Last we left them on Weeds, bad-ass Shane (Alexander Gould) just knocked cutthroat bitch Pilar (Kate del Castillo) with a croquet mallet unto a pool presumably dead (but you never know with this show). We assume it's payback since Pilar tried to kill Nancy and hit Shane instead.

Will Celia's new team succeed? Will Audra (Alanis Morissette) finally say yes to Andy (Justin Kirk)? Will Silas (Hunter Parrish) actually have a storyline of his own now that Esteban's heroin daughter Adelita is gone?

Weeds season 6 premiers August 16, Monday on Showtime.

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