'Weeds' Season 4 Finale Airs Tonight
'Weeds' Season 4 Finale Airs Tonight
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Tonight makrs the end of another year of Weeds as the show airs its season 4 finale.  Backtracking a bit on Showtime’s Weeds, we saw Nancy (Mary Louise Parker) discover that the tunnel was being used for more than just drugs in Episode 4.10, “The Love Circle Overlap.”  In that same episode, we followed Esteban as he relieved her of her massive headache with a powerful remedy, while Celia’s family staged an intervention and threw her into rehab.  Andy was able to locate Maria, who he dragged across the border to Doug, while at home, Silas baby sat as Shane became adventurous with his two new girlfriends.

The following episode, “Head Cheese” saw Nancy dealing with the effects of Shane’s exploits, while Celia struggled with her rehab partner Barry, and thus led her to find a new rehab facility.  Doug and Maria encountered some relationship problems and turned to Andy for help while Silas was forced to ask Nancy for help regarding his “sandwich” business, which has grown too big.

Episode 4.12, “Til We Meet Again” showed Nancy demanding to the DEA that the tunnel be busted, as she tried to act cool in front of Esteban.  Finally making it through rehab, Celia made amends with her family.  Andy finally succumbed to Maria’s flirtation, and later confronted Doug.  Shane also impressed his girlfriends with his drug acquisition skills.

Tonight’s episode, which also happens to be the Weeds season 4 finale, is titled “If You Work for a Living, Why Do You Kill Yourself Working?”  we will see Nancy as she is captured by the DEA and is brought in for questioning, forcing her to later explain things to Esteban.  Celia heads down to Mexico, where she hopes to find and make amends with her estranged daughter, Quinn.  Meanwhile, Silas meets Lisa’s ex-husband as Doug finally finds a reason to live.  The season finale will also see Nancy make a shocking revelation to Esteban.

Catch the season 4 finale of Weeds on Showtime tonight at 10pm.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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