Mary Louise Parker and Jeffrey Dean Morgan Break Engagement
Mary Louise Parker and Jeffrey Dean Morgan Break Engagement
Weeds' star Mary Louise Parker has broken off her engagement with actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  The couple, just over a month after getting engaged, have now parted ways once again in what has become a classic on-again off-again relationship.  Parker and Morgan hit it off originally on the set of Weeds where Morgan played Parker's now-deceased husband.  They had a brief romance at the beginning of 2007, but soon after that they broke up.  Then, near the beginning of 2008, the couple rekindled their relationship, culminating in their surprise engagement last month.  The two have now, apparently, parted ways again, but if we are to believe the sources, they've done so amicably.  According to the Associated Press, Morgan and Parker remain good friends and hold each other in the highest regard.

Mary Louise Parker has had a very interesting romantic history.  Back in the nineties, she was linked to Counting Crows lead singer Adam Duritz (who also hooked up with Jennifer Aniston AND Courtney Cox during Friends) and actor Timothy Hutton.  Then in 1996, she began dating actor Billy Crudup, whom she dated until 2003, when Crudup left Parker while she was seven months pregnant in order to date Claire Danes.  So, yes, Claire Danes is a home wrecker, in case you were wondering. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan tends to be a big draw for BuddyTV users, as he's been an important guest star on both Supernatural (as Papa Winchester) and Grey's Anatomy (as the now-deceased Denny).  He's currently up in Vancouver filming The Watchmen, a film adaptation of Alan Moore's classic graphic novel.  The movie is being directed by Zack Snyder (300).

Mary Louise Parker and Jeffrey Dean Morgan seemed like a good couple, if only because if they had a child they could give him or her a four word last name.  Which would be cool.  There doesn't seem to be any ugliness in this break-up, so at least we have that.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Source and Image Courtesy of AP)