'Weeds' High Five: 'Bags'
'Weeds' High Five: 'Bags'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of Weeds, "Bags."

In the season 7 opener, Nancy and the Botwin boys were back in action. The show picked up three years after Nancy confessed to Pilar's murder to find everyone's favorite drug-dealing mom being released from prison. Across the pond, Nancy's family seemed to be doing pretty well without her, but the moment they learned of her release, everyone but Silas made plans to fly back to the States.

High Five Highlights:

5. The men in Nancy's life all had new careers in Copenhagen. Andy became a tour guide and was campaigning in a local election, Doug was still doing as little as possible, Silas found success as a male model, and Shane had finally grown-up enough to lose his job thanks to a bad breakup with his much-older girlfriend. For the time being, it looked like Silas would be the only one continuing in his new profession as the others started to pack for their trip home.

4. Stevie now calls Nancy his aunt. The first thing Nancy did when she got out was call her sister Jill, who has been raising baby Stevie these last three years. Jill was very evasive and when Nancy finally spoke to her son, he did not address her as 'mommy'. I guess Jill took her job as a guardian a bit too far.

3. Esteban is no more. Upon her arrival at the halfway house, Nancy was greeted by the FBI agent handling her case and he informed her that Esteban had been killed in prison. He also told Nancy that her ties with the FBI were being cut and she was now on her own.

2. Nancy has a new counselor and lots of new rules to follow. Ed, Nancy's counselor at the halfway house, laid out the very strict rules Nancy would have to abide by if she wants to stay out of jail. Some of these rules include random drug tests and the potential to have her belongings searched at will.

1. Nancy still knows how to make friends. During her time in prison, Nancy got very close to her cell-mate, Zoya, who gave Nancy a farewell gift and told Nancy to start planning for their future. The gift wound up being a suitcase full of weapons.


- Has Nancy finally found true love or was she just using Zoya for her connections?

- Are you happy about all of the changes this season or do you regret missing out on three years of these characters' lives?

Megan Cole
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