'Wayward Pines' Finale Recap: A Never-Ending Nightmare
'Wayward Pines' Finale Recap: A Never-Ending Nightmare
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
So here we are at the highly anticipated Wayward Pines finale. Pilcher has turned off all of power in town. Abbies are running all over the place eating people. People have been murdered, eaten, and frozen. Nurse Pam has evolved into an angel while David Pilcher -- the man with a savior complex bigger than God himself -- has turned into a frighteningly maniacal beast of a man. 

When a finale finally hits on one of these short-run series, we all like to weigh in about whether or not the show was a success. It's different than regular serial television where we get 22-24 episodes to watch characters develop and come into their own. With a short run it's a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, and a was-it-as-good-for-you (the viewer)-as-it-was-for-me (the creator)? Tonight we determine the verdict. For myself, I'm left slightly unsatisfied because I wanted a glimmer of hope at the end and didn't get it. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's break it all down bit by bit.

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Pam Confronts Pilcher as the Town Prepares for the Apocalypse 

"A Reckoning," left off with Ethan calling a town meeting where he acted like he was going to reckon Kate, but instead, he told the townsfolk the truth about Wayward Pines. Watching from afar, Pilcher turned off all the power, including that of the electrified fence around the perimeter of the town. Abbies had already begun to infiltrate.

The finale, "cycle," opens with Ethan, Theresa and Kate gearing up the townsfolk to face the Abbies. An incarcerated First Generation pinko, Jason, (apparently he survived Ethan's gunshot to his lower back), spits bitter warnings at Kate and a group which has come to the sheriff's office to get guns. Pilcher keeps an eye on his computer monitor where Abbies are represented by red dots. Pilcher does nothing as a bulbous crowd of Abbies nears the perimeter.

Pam confronts Pilcher in his luxurious lair. She tries to make him see that they need to save the people now living in Wayward Pines. She begs him to turn the power back on. Maniacal Pilcher insists this group must be annihilated so the third attempt can commence after the Abbies have migrated elsewhere for the winter. He says, "We have to start over, that's the only way." She insists there will always be problems and failures, and this time, there are lives at stake. (Like there weren't with the first group of residents? Or did she not know about exactly what happened then?) That was before they had the perimeter, of course. 

For a moment, it looks like Pam, (Whom I now totally love), is making some headway with him, but then he calls the guards and she is dragged away. When she tries to talk sense into the behind-the-scenes Wayward Pines volunteers, she is tazed, but not before getting through to some of the frightened volunteers. The guards make everyone put on their freezer pajamas. Looks like it's popsicle time for the volunteers. Pam is the first to be refrozen.

Nursie Powerful.jpg
Wayward Pines Is Powerless

Theresa and Ben attempt to gather brain-damaged Amy, but she's pretty fragile. When one of the hospital workers attempts to turn on the generator, he's devoured by the Abbies. In the streets, Abbies are attacking people as Pilcher watches idly by. Ethan and Kate are in the streets as well while Theresa is at the hospital with Ben and Amy. (I'm wondering where Megan is at this point? Is she hypnotizing a group of Abbies somewhere?)

Some First Generation cohorts descend upon the jail and free the dirty rats incarcerated there. Eventually, Kate makes it back to her toy shop just barely ahead of a screeching Abby.

When the Abby chasing Kate crashes through the ceiling and attacks her, Kate smacks the poo out of it with a huge wrench-like tool. Making it out onto the street, Kate is met with hunched-over Abbies feasting on dead residents. One of her fellow insurgents, with his last moments of life, points her to the backpack containing the homemade bomb. She grabs it and runs. 

Plot 33 Provides Shelter for the Remaining Residents

An Abby attacks Theresa, Ben and Amy, but Theresa hits him with a syringe full of something, then Ethan shoots the dude. Then, all four run to Plot 33 and crawl down the stairs where the only remaining residents are hiding. Ethan closes the trapdoor into the basement and secures it with a sliding bolt, but will that be enough to keep the Abbies out?

Ben Gets Through to Megan

Megan is under Plot 33 with the other survivors, but she refuses to tell Ethan where the tunnels lead to. She insists David will save them all. She's pretty pathetic. Classic textbook minion. Finally, Ben tells her that David is the one behind the carnage. He can see it all. "Why didn't he warn us?" Ben asks Megan. "Why isn't he helping us now?" His questions force Megan to see that he is right. She cooperates. Ethan, Kate and Theresa take off down the tunnel toward the mountain resort with guns. 

Ben and Ethan Make Nice, or Do They?

Ben apologizes to his dad for being an idiot and blaming him for everything earlier. Ethan, of course, plays the "You're-my-kid-and-I-love-you" card and they hug it out. However, there was a suspicious look that passed between Megan and Ben that has me thinking maybe this is a ploy Ben is playing. Ethan shows Ben how to use a gun, so I am wondering if it might come down to Ben having to kill an Abby or Ben trying to kill Ethan so he and the remaining First Generations can take over Wayward Pines C. (I may be seeing something that isn't even there. it wouldn't be the first time. I am hoping something shocking happens that blows my boots off as the other Wayward Pines episodes have. Let's continue.) 

Megan Stands By Her Band

As the survivors head down the tunnel with Ethan and Kate, Megan insists on staying behind to let in any kids that may have survived, but not make it to shelter yet. (I'm thinking she's going to be the Abbies' second course following their appetizer out there on Main Street.)

Elsewhere, the escaped First Gen teens have made it back to Wayward Pines Academy where a bevy of students await. Pinko Jason takes charge, even though he's still bleeding from the gut. He punches a button on the wall and a cage door opens. Inside are all the supplies they will need to survive the ensuing "f'lood" which Pilcher had warned them might eventually come. Well, it's here, and it looks like David Pilcher really did provide for these kids. That surprised me. That was good forethought. I assumed he just freezes everyone when this happened.

Ethan Storms Ground Zero

Ethan and Kate reach the door leading to Pilcher's Ground Zero. They make it in, but have to kill some guards. Pilcher watches from his lair, as usual. Turd. Ethan sends the "all clear" to Theresa and she calls the elevator to load up the rest of the crowd.

Abbies Eat Megan

Megan, who remained behind to give entrance to straggling students, watches in terror as Abbies break through the trap door at Plot 33. We don't get to see them devour her (which disappoints me, but, oh well), but we do see them then running down the tunnel toward the group waiting to catch the elevator to Ground Zero. Ben prepares himself at the tail end of the crowd, awaiting the Abbies. 

What Goes Up ... 

The Abbies reach the remaining crowd outside the elevator, but Ben shoots most of them. When he runs out of bullets, Ethan swoops in like Spiderman and guns a bunch down as the elevator door closes. (My heart is really pounding at this point. I should have borrowed my grandmother's Depends for this finale.)

Jenkins Pilcher Disgruntled.jpg
Just when you think everyone is in the clear, the elevator stops halfway to freedom. Has the Ground Zero power been killed as well? The rabid Abbies have begin to climb the walls of the elevator shaft that was carrying the group to safety. They have to get out. Ben crawls through the elevator car ceiling to investigate the options. He sees a ladder and a door. Ethan still has the bag of pipe bombs that he got from Kate. Then we break for commercial. Dammit. 

Ethan Stays Behind

The group of survivors begins climbing the walls of the shaft above the elevator car while the Abbies continue to leap up the walls below the elevator car. Ben attempts to get Ethan to come as well, but his dad insists he will be right behind him. Ethan then begins fiddling with bomb wires. Pilcher can see him through the surveillance camera and tells him the Abbies will get through and kill everyone. Ethan refuses to listen. 

Eventually, Ethan gets the bombs ready and sits on the elevator floor. Waiting. When the Abbie arms break through the floor Ethan depresses the bomb plunger and the whole thing explodes, killing Ethan and the Abbies below. Theresa breaks down and I actually feel her pain. Dammit. Then Ben pokes his head down the elevator shaft and calls for his dad, realizing he's sacrificed himself. While his head is hanging out there, Ben gets hit in the back of the head by falling debris. What?!

Kate Opens a Can of Whupass on Pilcher

Kate gets to Pilcher's swanky lair and points her gun at him. Pilcher starts making a disgusting speech which I assume is just a time-filler so something else more magnificent can happen ... and then something magnificent happens: Nurse Pam shoots Pilcher from the other side of the room. You see, some of the guards earlier demanded that Pam was thawed out. 

Pam Reveals All to Kate

As Pilcher's body is carted away Pam and Kate talk. Kate wants to know everything. And she wants to know it now. Pam shows her all of the cryo tanks holding the bodies of all that's left of the human race. Kate thinks Pam is kidding, but of course, she's not. 

Ben Awakens in His Father's Nightmare

Ben was only knocked unconscious by the falling debris. The hospital setting he awakens in is suspiciously like the room Ethan first awoke in when he arrived in Wayward Pines nine episodes ago. Oops. Hovering over Ben is Amy, but she's older and wearing awesome makeup. Ben has a WTF moment and forces Amy to tell him what's going on. 

Ben was asleep for three and a half years. She says everyone blames his father for the destruction of "The Savior," David Pilcher, and of Wayward Pines. Amy has graduated from nursing school. Ben gets his clothes and leaves to wander Main Street where he sees a monument made to commemorate Pilcher as the visionary behind Wayward Pines. Off in the distance we see a hanged corpse wearing a sign that says "Do Not Try To Leave" as freaky cemetery music plays in the background. Yikes. 

What Just Happened?

So, what do we think happened? Did the residents really turn against Ethan Burke? Are they stupid enough not to appreciate the sacrifice he made to save the rest of humanity from the Abbies? Are there pods of survivors all over the world created by frozen humans, or is Wayward Pines really the last city standing? What will Ben do now? I feel an op-ed coming on. 

Can Wayward Pines Continue?

Will there be a follow-up to Wayward Pines? According to zap2it, Wayward Pines may not have the greatest live viewing ratings, but they have consistently shown the most significant gains in the 18-49 demographic when it comes to percentage gains and Live + 7 viewership. So what does all of that mean? Hell if I know. Is it enough to bring back Wayward Pines for a second season? I kinda think this finale put a cap on the whole saga. Where could they go from here?

What Did You Think of the Finale?

I'm still surprised by the ending. I expected a great deal of hope with the survivors beginning to rebuild. Silly me. This is an M. Knight Shyamalan creation, and as such cannot be expected to end in the expected manner. Was it satisfying? Well, I feel like I just crawled up to safety from a deep hole in the ground only to be kicked back to the bottom again. So, what's next? Is Ben going to go through exactly what his father went through, but with a different cast of characters -- all First Generation adolescents instead of adults? Was this all an attempt to set up the possibility of another ten episodes? Would I watch it? Not if it's going to be another ten hours of the same thing. I would be interested in finding out more about how those Abbies evolved ... and maybe about how it would go if the good survivors were allowed to rebuild. We'll have to watch the schedules and see what happens. Sound off with your thoughts below.

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