'Wanted 2' With Angelina Jolie? But...
'Wanted 2' With Angelina Jolie? But...
Most of us probably know Common as a rapper, but lately he’s also been making a name in films.  To date, he’s popped up in flicks such as Smokin’ Aces and American Gangster, and his most recent—loose comic book adaptation Wanted—is hoped to be his first franchise ever.  He’d love it, really.

“I was really just glad to be in that flick, with Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie, and I really admire James McAvoy,” he said.  “It was an honor to be around them, and to be filming in Prague, and then for the movie to come out and be so successful was great.”

A second Wanted film is already in the works, with a screenwriter already recruited.  But the problem lies in the original film itself.  Would a sequel even be plausible, considering how things ended? There are spoilers after the jump, so read at your own risk.

“It would be best with Angelina, if they could make it a prequel,” Common thought.  After all, most of the major supporting characters—as well as Angelina’s character—died at the end of the film.  “That would be great.  Because you didn’t get to know my character too well; you didn’t get to know a lot about him.”

He’s saying such things because nothing really remains sure about a second Wanted film.  “I haven’t heard what they are doing, they are keeping it tight right now probably until they get the script written,” he said.  “But I’m enthused that they have a sequel.”  Grisly ending or not, he hopes it will happen. “I would love to come back for it; it was a great franchise to be a part of,” he said.  “It’s really clever and new, and definitely innovative.”

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: MTV News
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