'Jersey Shore' Recap: Meatballs, Cake and More Outrageous Moments
'Jersey Shore' Recap: Meatballs, Cake and More Outrageous Moments
1. Meatballs on the Loose

Deena has a ridiculous and unnecessary meltdown when she hears that Vinny has left, claiming that she has now lost her "soul." Really? I didn't know anyone on Jersey Shore even had a soul to lose. To soothe their sorrows, she and Snooki take to the streets of the Shore and once again, Nicole should be taken in for public intoxication and pure stupidity. Does the fact that she can barely walk detain her from challenging some fellow Jersey guidos to a dance off? Of course not - until they fall all over themselves and finally call it a night.

2. A Smashing Honor

Pauly decides to "smash" a girl in honor of Vinny's latest departure because apparently she is a tattooed vision of perfection worthy of Vinny's affections. Now, maybe it's just me, but I've never heard of honoring a friend by sleeping with some random girl in their old bed. It must be a guy thing. Or maybe it's a Jersey thing. Way to show your friend how much you care Pauly.

3. A Return Offender

A girl who is originally interested in Mike comes back to the house on Pauly's arm, but when she isn't DTF Pauly sends her on her way. Like Pauly says, who goes home with a guy at 4am without intending to jump in the sack with him? It must be shocking to learn that there could be girls out there who don't sleep with a guy the first night they meet them. Alas, just when I start to like the ONE girl who rejects a one-night stand, she returns minutes later in hopes of getting back into Mike's arms. Amazingly, the Situation respectfully denies her a night in the smoosh room and sticks with his original hook up. How romantic.

4. Cake in the Face

This week Mike got it really put in his face ... literally... how much his roommates despise him when they only celebrate Pauly's birthday, despite it being both of their special days. Mike gets a little birthday gift when he falls asleep at dinner and ends up with frosting all over his face. Really Mike? Can you seriously blame them? This entire season your only goal has been to break up Snooki and Jionni and prove to yourself that you are young enough to be acting like such a tool.

5. Dipping Out

This has to be the most outrageous and exciting moment of the week - Mike might actually leave! The Situation seems to have had enough of being ignored by his roommates and "dips out" at the end of the episode. Can it be true? Is Mike gone for good? We can only hope, but I won't count on it.

What are your favorite moments from this week's episode? Do you think Mike will leave the Shore for good? Leave your comments and come back to BuddyTV every week for more Jersey Shore feedback!

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