'Jersey Shore' Premiere Recap: Back to the Motherland
'Jersey Shore' Premiere Recap: Back to the Motherland
Well, they've done it. The cast of Jersey Shore has fist pumped their way into a fifth season. Yes, a FIFTH season. The faux tanned bunch returns to their homeland after their time in Italy and can't wait to destroy the same Seaside house from seasons past. The finale in Italy teased viewers into thinking there was a real possibility that the cast might return ... minus one situation. Alas, despite the roommates' reservations, Mike has joined them in Jersey. Thank goodness they can all now get their 'real' haircuts, visit the gym and get their outrageously fake tans on back in the States.

The premiere episode reveals the roommates' blatant dislike for Mike and his continued denial about the whole thing. As if smashing his head into a solid wall last season wasn't enough, the situation is sure to continue his streak of pissing off his roommates. The question still remains whether or not he and Snooki really ever hooked up, but that promises to be hashed out later in the season. Snooki and the girls are as charming as ever as she gets to the house and immediately begins drinking straight from a jar of pickles. I got a little nauseous as Snooki confesses, "I never knew how much I missed pickles and pickle juice" as she took shots of the green liquid.

So far, the emotionally destructive couple of the house remains on good terms, but only time will tell with Ron and Sam. The cast returns to their native "Shore Shop" for work, and their boss seems surprisingly happy to see them. After the last three seasons that they worked there and watching Snooki and Deena drink in the back room, I can't imagine they can actually be considered "good" employees. I guess selling t-shirts speaks to their level of abilities. Their boss is nice enough in this episode to take them all out for drinks, and then surprises them with a party thrown by all of their family and friends. Heartwarming, yes, but it is also the catalyst to Vinny's downward spiral. For the last half of the episode, Vinny battles being homesick and despite Ron's offer to get Vinny a stripper and/or hooker to cheer him up, Vinny can't seem to get out of his funk. Could this really be the end of Vinny? Don't go!

Most of the drama surrounds Snooki, Mike and her boyfriend Jionni in this episode, as Jionni foolishly buys Mike drink after drink, not knowing Mike may or may not have hooked up with his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Snooki's good friend Ryder has returned and has earned herself the honor of being the easiest non-member of the cast. She has now openly hooked up with Vinny, Pauly and Mike's good friend "the unit." The rest of the season reveals that there will be yet more fights between the roommates and Mike, perhaps the truth about what really happened between Mike and Snooki and even an unsuspected camping excursion. I'm sure this season will not disappoint all the loyal Jersey Shore fans. What do you guys think? Who is your favorite cast mate? Will Ron and Sam survive this season? Do you think Mike really hooked up with Snooki? Leave your comments and tune into MTV on Thursdays at 10, then jump back to BuddyTV for your dose of snark!

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