Buddy Battles Round 1: Vote Your Favorite Classic Scooby Gang
Buddy Battles Round 1: Vote Your Favorite Classic Scooby Gang
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
With the final bracket decided, the Buddy Battles are truly beginning to commence. Now it's time to vote your favorite classic Scooby gang. Remember that Scooby gangs fight crime or solve mysteries, and if a show has ended the gangs are considered classic.

Most of these shows and gangs are extremely beloved, so there are some really hard choices ahead. Remember you might want to vote in the polls even if you're not a huge fan of the gangs in question. After all, the name of the game is to get your favorite Scooby gang to the finish line. Sometimes this means voting against another popular gang. 

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UPDATE: Voting has closed on the first round of the Buddy Battles! Check back in on Monday, March 17 to support your favorites in round 2!

Buffy vs Fringe


Scooby Doo vs. Charlie's Angels:

Firefly vs. Chuck:


Veronica Mars vs. Angel: 

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Who are you voting for? Sound off in the comments!

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