'The Amazing Race' Recap: Third Time's Not the Charm
'The Amazing Race' Recap: Third Time's Not the Charm
The Amazing Race continues where it left off in India, with the rare back-to-back legs in the same city. No plane rides, trains to catch or long bus routes to even out the teams. This puts Kentucky, recently saved for a second time from elimination, at a disadvantage. Can they turn the tide of the race?

Early Errors

The teams start to head out, with their first clue telling them to go to a temple to receive their next clue. The Army couple are first to hit the road, hoping to extend their dominance throughout this race. Behind them is Big Brother, who plans to not get emotional during the rest of the race. With what we have seen from Rachel, that seems like it's setting themselves up for failure. Border Patrol is behind them, with JJ dealing with a lingering cold from all the travel, and the Divorcees in fourth.

The teams arrive at the temple for their next clue, and Army finds a Fast Forward. They have already performed one, so they can't attempt it. Big Brother hasn't done one yet, so they decide to give it a try. They find two priests and learn that they have to shave their heads to go to the pit stop. Rachel freaks out because she has $500 extensions. She realizes $1 million is bigger than $500, right? She gets cold feet and decides to skip the Fast Forward after a bout of crying. Looks like they're sticking to the "Don't Get Emotional" game plan.

Rope for a Noose

The next task of the race is to go to a mat factory and weave 40 feet of rope out of coconut husks, followed by spooling 50 feet of rope. The men on all the teams choose to do this task since the girls danced. All four teams are at the plant at the same time, with Dave from Army finishing first. When Big Brother shows up, everyone is amazed that they chose not to go through with the Fast Forward, with Border Patrol getting angry about it. Is there anything these guys don't get bitter about?

Ralph is struggling with the rope weaving, which allows Brendon to get Big Brother back into the game, making up for their early mistake. Art from Border Patrol is having a really hard time and finish just ahead of Big Brother. All the teams are still close, and get their next clue.

A Late Start

The teams get to a detour and must choose to decorate an elephant and shovel manure, or go to a ginger plant and process and package ginger. Border Patrol is the only team to choose the ginger plant. While the teams go off to their destinations, Kentucky FINALLY leaves the starting line. They are forced to do a Speed Bump at the first temple, which involves painting a fat man like a tiger. Bopper is creepily confident in doing this task quickly.

The elephant task is clearly the easiest. Army, Big Brother and the Divorcees quickly finish the decorating and move on to shoveling manure. Army finishes first and gets the next clue to the pit stop. Meanwhile, Brendon is making up time and catching up to the Divorcees. Vanessa says she is counting the manure loads and that they are cheating. There's no way she could have miscounted due to her hatred of Big Brother. Both teams finish back to back and head to catch a ferry to the pit stop.

Close Shave

Army gets to the ferry first and convince the captain to leave right before the other team teams get to the port. They finish in first for an amazing sixth time. Big Brother finishes second on the mat at the same time as the Divorcees. Vanessa and Rachel have a cat fight about the race so far, but eventually apologize to each other. I doubt that the treaty will last.

Kentucky finishes with the tiger painting and choose to try the Fast Forward. It shouldn't take long since Mark is already bald. Bopper gets his head shaved, and they receive the clue to the pit stop. Team Border Patrol finally finishes with the ginger and race towards the pit stop, but get into traffic trouble on the cab ride to the ferry. In the end, though, it didn't matter. Border Patrol finishes fourth, with Kentucky finally getting eliminated after their third last place finish. There are no good teams left to root for.

It looks like an epic finale with three good teams, and one great team left. Can anybody knock off Army from the dominant run they have been on? Will Rachel and Vanessa get into a fist fight? Will JJ and Art get extremely angry about the stupidest things? Can the producers PLEASE bring back Kentucky so I have someone to cheer for? We'll find all of that out next week at the end of The Amazing Race.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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