BuddyTV Fall 2008 Preview: In Harm's Way/Surviving Suburbia/Valentine/Easy Money
BuddyTV Fall 2008 Preview: In Harm's Way/Surviving Suburbia/Valentine/Easy Money
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The CW

-In Harm's Way Premiere:
Sunday, October 5, 7pm
-Valentine Premiere: Sunday, October 5, 8pm
-Easy Money Premiere: Sunday, October 5, 9pm
-Surviving Suburbia Premiere: Sunday, November 2, 7:30pm

-Valentine Cast: Jaime Murray, Kristopher Polaha, Nikki Snelson, Autumn Reeser, Patrick Fabian, Greg Ellis and Robert Baker
-Easy Money Cast: Laurie Metcalf, Jeff Hephner, Judge Reinhold, Nick Searcy, Jay Ferguson, Gary Farmer and Katie Lowes
-Surviving Suburbia Cast: Bob Saget

Sundays this Fall, the CW is trying something new, outsourcing programming to an independent organization called Media Rights Capital.  They will produce the content for Sundays, and their initial lineup includes a sitcom, two dramas and a reality series.

In Harm's Way, the reality shows, provides an unscripted look at some of the most perilous and dangerous jobs in America.  In other words, it takes a look at America's Toughest Jobs, but since that happens to be the title of NBC's new reality competition series on the same subject, the MRC starts off with one strike.

Surviving Suburbia is a sitcom about a man coping with annoying new neighbors and teenage children.  It stars Bob Saget, though it's not clear whether audiences will see the Full House incarnation or The Aristocrats one.

Valentine is an hour-long dramedy about a group of Greek gods who try to create love connections on Earth.  If you saw the 1990s TV show Cupid starring Jeremy Piven, you'll undoubtedly recognize this premise.

Finally, Easy Money is a drama about family that operates a high interest loan business.  The cast is led by Emmy winner Laurie Metcalf alongside Judge Reinhold.

The fate of these shows is a mystery as outsourcing your primetime programming is new territory for a major TV network.  Also hurting these shows' chances is the fact that there has been little-to-no promotion or advertising for these programs.  Only time will tell whether CW president Dawn Ostroff made a bold and brilliant decision, or if it was a disastrous decision.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image courtesy of The CW)

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