'V' Season 2 Finale: Is the Big Cliffhanger a Rip-Off of 'Angel'?
'V' Season 2 Finale: Is the Big Cliffhanger a Rip-Off of 'Angel'?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's clear that the V producers must know something we don't, because while we think the show is in danger of not returning for another season, they went all out with a big cliffhanger and a slew of huge revelations and dramatic deaths in the season 2 finale.

Three major characters were killed off, each by someone close to them (a mother, a father and a lover). However, it was the final twist where Anna, with an assist from Ryan's daughter Amy, blissed the entire world that seems a little too similar to something I've seen before.

Fans of Angel might remember the final story arc of season 4, where a powerful being from another dimension, Jasmine, used her voice to leave everyone she met in a pure state of ecstasy. Eventually she took over nearly all of Los Angeles, leaving a small group of heroes as the only ones who could see through the happiness to her real motives, namely the fact that she was eating people.

If that sounds at all similar to how V's second season ended, it's because it is. Heck, both the evil creatures are even former Firefly stars (it was Gina Torres on Angel). Anna blissed the world and the only people to avoid it were the members of Project Ares, the new super secret government organization that serves as the military's version of the Fifth Column that recruited Erica at the last minute.

Luckily, the similarities to Angel make it easier to stomach the thought of V not returning for season 3. Despite ending with a big cliffhanger, we could just pretend that Anna is stopped the same way Jasmine was stopped, by using her blood to un-bliss people, ending when one of Jasmine's parents (Angel's son Connor) punched her head in. Surely Lisa (or Lisa 2.0 or Amy) could kill Anna eventually.

The big bliss bomb wasn't the only huge and seemingly sudden act of the V finale. There were also three big deaths.

Diana: After a failed plot to have Lisa kill Anna, the Visitors' High Commander came back with a vengeance and killed her own mother, Diana, in front of the entire ship. "Now that's how you kill your mother" she told Lisa, in my single favorite line of dialogue this show has ever produced.

Ryan: Ryan tried rescuing his daughter from the ship, but thanks to Anna's surprisingly strong maternal instincts, Amy didn't want to leave and snapped his neck with her tail. Two kids killing their parents in one episode? I'm sure glad I'm not the dad of one of the show's writers.

Tyler: In yet another huge twist, Anna's queen egg hatched, giving us our first full look at what the Visitors really look like (imagine a cross between the aliens from Alien and a raptor). Anna immediately had her new daughter skinned to look exactly like Lisa, allowing it to trick Tyler into mating before taking a big bite out of Erica's son. And just like that, it's goodbye Tyler.

To be honest, I'm lukewarm on ABC renewing the show. They killed off a large portion of the cast, radically changed the entire premise of the show by introducing Project Ares and are headed down Angel territory with the blissed world storyline. If V does come back, I hope they use some writing magic to make it so Tyler and Ryan aren't actually dead, which might be possible since they only showed a quick glimpse of each of them.

What do you think? Are Ryan and Tyler really dead? Is blissing the world too similar to the Angel storyline? Do you actually care where Hobbes went? My guess for that last one is that he's going down to Bon Temps to show up as the identical twin brother of the werewolf Alcide from True Blood (is it just me, or do Charles Mesure and Joe Manganiello look scarily similar?).

Most importantly, should ABC bring it back for another season? At this point, I'm not sure I care either way, but if it does come back, they'll have some serious explaining to do.

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