Ratings Report: 'Up All Night' Starts Strong, 'Top Model,' 'Survivor' Hit Lows
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Wednesday night was full of reality TV with the finales of America's Got Talent and Big Brother 13 as well as the premieres of Survivor: South Pacific and America's Next Top Model. But when the dust settled on the ratings, the returning reality shows hit new lows while the new comedy Up All Night had a solid debut.

The Christina Applegate-Will Arnett comedy Up All Night premiered with just under 11 million viewers, a good start thanks to lead-in America's Got Talent, which had over 15 million viewers in its second hour. The same could not be said for NBC's Free Agents. The other new comedy airing at 10:30pm only drew 6.34 million viewers.

Up All Night is about on par with how NBC's Outlaw did last year when it debuted after the AGT finale, which might be a bad sign, but at least it's not being shoved off to Friday nights. Free Agents, meanwhile, had lower ratings for its premiere than all six of NBC's new fall shows from last season, all of which were canceled after one season.

The news was more grim for the return of two popular reality shows. Survivor's 23rd season had its lowest premiere ratings ever at around 10.5 million viewers. ANTM also got off to its worst start ever with the All-Stars cycle 17 at under 2 million viewers. Since those two shows have a combined 40 seasons, it seems like viewers are getting a little tired of them.

The news is even worse for the CW's H8R, the new reality series where celebrities confront regular people who hate them. It debuted to just 1.34 million viewers, which is bad, even by CW standards. Two years ago when the modeling drama The Beautiful Life premiered, it had 1.38 million viewers on the CW, and that show was canceled after three episodes. Luckily for H8R, reality shows are a lot cheaper than scripted shows.

Next week will be another interesting one for Wednesday night shows. The big winner America's Got Talent will be gone, but The Middle, Modern Family, Criminal Minds, CSI, Harry's Law and Law and Order: SVU will be back, as will the premiere of FOX's much-hyped The X Factor.

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