'Unforgettable' Season 1 Preview Guide: The Girl with the Crime-Solving Brain
'Unforgettable' Season 1 Preview Guide: The Girl with the Crime-Solving Brain
Let's see: bones, pseudo science, autopsies, mental prowess, novels, good old common sense and whatever it is they do on Scyfy. Have I counted all the ways in which crimes get solved on primetime American TV? Well, not just yet. Enter CBS' new procedural Unforgettable. Starring Poppy Montgomery (of Without A Trace fame), this newest concoction from the network's undying well of average procedurals adds to the trend of recent years by allowing murders to be solved not by police work, but by hunches from the main character.

The Mentalist and Castle are two variants of this implausible hocus-pocus, and CBS seems to be intent on expanding that particular brand of cops-with-hunches show. So what will Unforgettable season 1 offer that the dozen other procedurals don't?

In Unforgettable season 1, Montgomery plays Carrie Wells, a former cop who has a brain condition that makes it impossible for her to forget anything. She is the witness to a murder, helps the NYPD solve the case by digging into her brain and unearthing details no normal human being could possibly notice and becomes a consultant to the police by the end of the pilot.

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Directed by Niels Arden Oplev (director of the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) the pilot looks intriguing, and lead lady Poppy Montgomery certainly proved on Without A Trace that she has screen presence. And the fact that Ed Redlich and John Belucci, both Without A Trace writers, created the show makes us hope that they will write to her strengths. Other cast members include Dylan Walsh as her ex-partner on the force, Kevin Rankin and Michael Gaston.

But will Unforgettable season 1 stick in the audience's collective mind or will it be, well, more forgettable than its title suggests? Early reactions to the show seem to be that it is well-crafted fare that lacks substance but knows how to entertain. What do you expect? Will Montgomery convince as a lead? Will the show find inventive ways to use Wells' elephant memory, or will the gimmick wear off?

We will find out when Unforgettable season 1 premieres Tuesday, September 20 at 10 pm.

Jan Cee
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of CBS)