'Under the Dome' Recap: What's in the Locker is Finally Revealed
'Under the Dome' Recap: What's in the Locker is Finally Revealed
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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The more and more I want to like Sam, the more and more I believe he could possibly be behind the dome. In this week's Under the Dome, Sam manipulates Junior/James to get info about the dome and the mini-dome. Meanwhile, Julia and Barbie try to keep the peace in town and run into obstacles in the form of Big Jim (of course). And Norrie and Joe continue to help Melanie figure out answers about herself.

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Drunk on Power

It seems everyone is getting a little drunk on power. However, every town does need a leader to bring order to chaos. And Julia and Barbie have quickly assumed those roles, as they not only come up with a plan B to the food supply issues but also attempt to bring Big Jim and Rebecca to trial. However, things get out of hand and Sheriff Phil kills someone in town.

Julia quickly removes Phil from his position and he's not pleased. She offers the job to Barbie after Rebecca reveals he was not part of Big Jim's extermination plan. Phil heads to the jail where Big Jim and Rebecca are being held. He informs Big Jim of the plans that Julia and Barbie have, and you can see the wheels turning. He's not happy he's not the one in charge anymore.

After an explosion at a voluntary food drive, Barbie confronts Big Jim, who has hoped that Rebecca will be back on his side. Big Jim turns the tables and tells Barbie it was Phil's idea. Barbie heads back to the site to find a secret room filled with undamaged food with a few townspeople, as well as Phil, inside.

Searching for Answers

Melanie decides she can't just sit around and wait for Julia to help her. She, Norrie and Joe head to the dome's edge to see if by touching it, it will reveal more information about her and why she is alive now. However, when she touches it, nothing happens. After an argument with Norrie, she runs away with Joe right behind her. Norrie finds them kissing and they fight. Joe breaks it up and they head to the school to take some blood samples to see if their DNA is different.

Later on, Melanie asks Rebecca for help analyzing the slides of blood.

Making Nice or Not?

After Julia sees Andrea, the woman from the cafe, handing out bottled water at the explosion site, she is concerned where it came from. A visit to Andrea's house brings Julia straight to a plethora of food that can feed Chester's Mill for months. It turns out Andrea had been too afraid to speak up for fear that someone would try to take it from her. She says she's happy to share with the town.

At a feast in the cafe, Barbie brings Big Jim. Julia makes a speech about putting the past behind them and moving forward together as a town to survive. She and Big Jim shake to make amends, but it seems Big Jim is always thinking ahead to make his next move to get his power back.

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What's in That Locker!?!?

And in perhaps the best storyline in this week's episode of Under the Dome, Sam gets Junior/James to reveal lots of information that he knows about the dome and his mother. He finds Junior/James at his cabin and the two go on a "scavenger hunt" to first find missing pages from Pauline's journal -- though Sam had them all along -- and then find Lyle.

Junior/James tells Sam that he believes Angie was killed because she was one of the four who matched the handprints on the mini-dome. This information piques Sam's interest, and he prompts Junior/James to give up the names of the other three.

Back at the house, Sam gets Junior/James drunk and starts to smother him with a pillow, all while apologizing and admitting he killed Angie. However, he gets second thoughts when Junior/James comes to for a minute.

After Junior/James wakes up, they check out a painting that Pauline did years ago. On the back is the locker number and an image from Junior/James' dream. They head to the school, where Rebecca is, and manage to pry open the locker to find a tunnel!

Wow. So many more questions. I have to say, I was really hesitant about a season 2 of Under the Dome, but this season has kept my interest week after week. I really want to know what the deal is with Sam and Lyle and Pauline. It seems Sam is so evil -- you almost want to believe he's not. What is he protecting? Who is he protecting? And does he really believe that if he kills the other three people whose hands fit the mini-dome, the big dome will come down?

And Big Jim. Oh boy, you just knew he couldn't be "good" for too long. He loves the power too much. I just want to know what is up his sleeve next. It seems that that family just loves to manipulate people. I want to know more about Pauline because it seems she is the key to everything.

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