'Under the Dome' Recap: The 4th Hand is Revealed
'Under the Dome' Recap: The 4th Hand is Revealed
Ted Kindig
Ted Kindig
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After last week's reveal that there was probably another seizure-suffering citizen of Chester's Mill who could unlock the egg dome thing, this week that fourth person is revealed to be Junior. This is pretty gross for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most disappointing thing about it is that it distracts from the episode's far more interesting subplot about Max's organized crime ring. The "darkness inside" type material is arriving messy and late, but it's what the show's been best at so far -- Junior's radical transformation into a chess piece of dome destiny just makes it seem like the showrunners didn't plan this out very well.

Unlikely Allies

Jim and Barbie are working together now, united in opposition to criminal renaissance woman Maxine. Her unspecified "insurance policy," ensuring that the pair's secrets are released upon her death, seems to have them pretty terrified, as she has no trouble getting Big Jim to do her shopping and convincing Barbie to headline her new underground fight club. Barbie throws his big fight for reasons unknown -- just trying to spite Max, I guess. He later admits to Julia that he killed Peter, which he probably should have done before sleeping with her.

Jim investigates Max further and discovers that her mom is living on the edge of town: she had to drop out of school when she became pregnant and supported Max for years as a sex worker. She holds a pretty strong grudge against the town and against Big Jim, but she's unable to kill him when threatened. He ties her up and takes her out on a boat, where she falls out. He leaves her in the lake with her hands tied.

The Fourth Hand

On the mini-dome front, Dodee the radio girl randomly stumbles upon the dome and starts poking at it. As the seizure club trio checks her into the hospital while blatantly misleading the doctor about the nature of her injuries, they realize that Junior had seizures when he was younger and is therefore the most likely candidate for the dome's "fourth hand." Sure enough, Junior puts his hand on the mini-dome and its egg begins to shoot out pink stars.

This is a pretty funny tasting turn of events, partly because his characterization has veered so wildly from his initial psychopathy, but largely because it suggests that there will be no accountability for his kidnap and torture of Angie. It was all part of the plan, so his abuse is sidelined completely -- all the pulpy intrigue of the first few episodes has been rendered moot, and this show can no longer pretend it trades in anything other that hollow, temporary shocks. Portraying that type of abuse was a very serious choice, and Under the Dome's choice to never deal with it effectively is a serious detriment.

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