'Under the Dome' Recap: Sacrificing the 'Burdens' and Saving the 'Assets'
'Under the Dome' Recap: Sacrificing the 'Burdens' and Saving the 'Assets'
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Yet another "new" face in Chester's Mill is introduced in episode three of Under the Dome season 2 and he causes more trouble than good. While Barbie and Julia try to find the connection between barber Lyle, Sam and Pauline, Lyle kidnaps Rebecca so she won't interfere with the dome's plan. The rest of the town is dealing with acid rain. And the high school kids get Internet access for a while, when James gets a video link to a message from his mother, who is believed to be dead.

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Science vs. the Dome

Since the dome came down, many people have had different opinions on whether the dome is trying to protect or hurt the residents of Chester's Mill. And this week is no exception as it rains acid blood. While teacher Rebecca is convinced there's a scientific reason for the acid, barber Lyle tries to get her to see there's a higher power to believe in -- which in this case is the dome. Lyle kidnaps Rebecca and tries to get her to believe in what he has say about the dome and God.

And while Lyle is convinced that it's the 10 plagues before the apocalypse, Rebecca says whatever it is that Lyle wants to hear to save herself. Lyle is later brought into custody for the kidnapping, but not before corrupting James. After she escapes, Rebecca uses her scientific knowledge to stop the rain.

In jail, Lyle gets two visitors -- one from Sam, the other from James. It's clear that Sam and Lyle know each other from the past, but I feel that relationship needs more work.

Acid Rain Covers Chester's Mill

Just when the town gets excited to hear rain, they look outside to find out it's actually acid rain, which severely injures anyone who comes in contact with it, including Big Jim.

After Sam fixes Big Jim up, he warns him that he won't kill him but someday he'll do something to hurt Big Jim.

An Asset or a Burden?

After getting the ear of Rebecca about the issues in the dome, not to mention the dwindling amount of resources, Big Jim orders a registration, where all residents are required to state their location, but also to divvy up the remaining resources.

Big Jim heals pretty quickly, and Rebecca corners him to let him know the situation is much worse than expected. She suggests a lottery system or just a random drawing to find out how to distinguish if you're an asset or a burden to Chester's Mill.

Internet Access and a New Name

A few days old, essentially, Mystery Girl seems to be pissing everyone off because she's snooping through everyone's belongings trying to figure out who she is. She goes with Joe and Norrie to the school to set up for an experiment. During some down time, and the acid rain, Joe realizes they have Internet access; the first thing they do is check e-mail and social media. As they follow the signal throughout the school, they follow it to the locker where Angie died. Mystery Girl's handprint fits and she somehow gets the locker combo and opens it to find an old yearbook with a girl who looks like Mystery Girl -- who they believe is actually Melanie Cross.

Meanwhile, in perhaps the best scene of the night, James opens an e-mail with a link from his mother on the outside world. In the video, Pauline tells James that she is alive. She also tells James to go find Lyle and talk to him and only him about what's going on and why the dome came down.

I found this week to be slightly better than last week. And while there are a bunch of clues to figuring out why the dome came down, there are still a lot more questions that need to be answered.

I don't really have an opinion either way on whether it's science or faith regarding what's going on with the dome. I do like the idea of the dome essentially controlling the town. I'm not too keen on the whole "sacrifice the weak to save the strong." But I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. However, I don't trust Rebecca and how manipulative she is with Big Jim.

I also don't trust Sam. I haven't trusted him since the beginning. And his connection with Lyle just shows he's part of the bigger "plan" for Chester's Mill.

Under the Dome airs Mondays at 10pm on CBS.

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