'Under the Dome' Recap: Family Reunions for Barbie and Sam
'Under the Dome' Recap: Family Reunions for Barbie and Sam
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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Just past the halfway mark for season 2 of Under the Dome, and things are getting really good! This week, we learn that there is life outside the dome, but it may not be all it's cracked up to be. As Barbie and Sam find their respective families outside the dome, Julia and the crew inside search for more answers as to where the abyss in the tunnel leads. Meanwhile, Big Jim is up to no good again, trying to persuade the town that the dome chose him to lead Chester's Mill.

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A Family Reunion for Barbie Outside the Dome

After telling Joe and Junior that Sam confessed to Angie's death before "killing" himself, Barbie decides to head into the abyss to find Sam's body for proof. He gets gear from the school and anchors himself. However, 20 feet down, just above the darkness, something pulls him down. Despite Julia and Rebecca's efforts, the force is too strong, so he cuts the rope and heads into the darkness.

When he comes to, he's outside the dome in Zenith. And guess who's there? Sam. However, he doesn't know this yet, so he heads to his old apartment where he's confronted by his old co-workers, who have been wondering where he's been. Apparently, he was on a job to steal info on some R&D at an energy company when he got stuck under the dome. When he goes to finish the job, he turns on the guy and his father walks out of the house.

Barbie asks his father for help getting back into the dome, or at least help sending a message into the dome. At first, he's hesitant, explaining that the dome is a huge part of history now and there's too many obstacles to get near it. However, after explaining that the woman he loves is in there, his father agrees but tells him it's a big risk. A risk that Barbie is willing to take. 

Big Jim is Back to His Old Self

Oh, Big Jim. How you love to manipulate and pretend the world, or rather the dome, revolves around you. He doesn't like being left out of important decisions, so he goes around trying to manipulate Junior into siding with him. And in order to get information that Julia and Barbie have tried to keep from him, he threatens Rebecca at her home.

With the knowledge that Barbie is "dead," Big Jim decides to try and gain the trust of Chester's Mill again by holding a memorial for him. Rebecca calls him out on it, but the wheels are already in motion.

Looking for More Answers

With news of who killed his sister, Joe decides to focus his energy on where the tunnels came from and why it's there. After Julia tells Joe and Norrie about Barbie's death, Joe tells Julia that the tunnels weren't there before the dome came down. They decide to send a drone down over the cliff. At 20 feet, the feed on the drone goes out and it disappears, but there is a glimpse of a playground and Zenith on the video footage.

Junior and Melanie head down into the tunnel with the egg, hoping for even more answers. The egg shoots off some pink stars to form the town of Zenith over the cliff, giving Julia, and everyone else, hope that there is a way out of the dome.

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Sam Seeks Out Pauline

Once outside the dome, Sam is also on a mission to find Pauline and perhaps get some answers. I have a funny feeling he knows more than we're led to believe, though. Anyway, Pauline, who is in a mental institution, explains why she faked her death and why she kept sending postcards to Lyle. She says she knew the dome was coming down and everyone thought she was crazy.

Lyle is also outside the dome, but he appears to have lost his mind. Pauline says he had no ID on him when he was found. All he says is "Melanie" over and over, while looking at a picture of the tower in Zenith.

Sam doesn't seem too pleased that Lyle is alive, and gets even more worried when seeing his condition. When Pauline asks if Sam's feeling any side effects of coming out of the dome, he says he doesn't have any, as his hand shakes.

The last scene shows a painting Pauline did of an open red door, with a cut to Barbie and his father walking through their property with a red door in the woods with a handprint on it.

I have a funny feeling that life outside the dome isn't all it's cracked up to be. I am very curious as to what Barbie's father said about it being "an event in history." And how come Pauline claims to have known about the dome? I'm assuming it was the egg's powers. Perhaps the dome is just a way to teach people how to live, survive and be civil with one another in times of a crisis? A test to see what would have happened in the event of a real catastrophe?

I want something bad to happen to Big Jim already. He's getting on my nerves, but I guess every town needs their big jerk. And I'm finally glad Joe is wising up. In the first few episodes, he just walked around following everyone with a dumb look on his face. It's about time he realized, or at least someone realized, that the tunnel in the locker isn't normal and obviously wasn't there before the dome came down.

I have to say that, despite my skepticism on making what was supposed to be a one-summer miniseries into at least another season, Under the Dome is quite entertaining this time around, with more and more questions to keep you guessing until the next week. I also think it's moving along at a perfect pace to keep the storyline moving.

Under the Dome airs Mondays at 10pm on CBS.

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