'Under the Dome' Recap: Did the Dome Bring Melanie Back to Life?
'Under the Dome' Recap: Did the Dome Bring Melanie Back to Life?
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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Just when you think things can't get any more interesting on Under the Dome, they do. Each week has more twists and turns, and more questions than answers. Which is okay, since we're only into episode four. Sam and Julia try to figure out what Big Jim and Rebecca are planning to do to "thin the population." James seeks out answers about his mother from Lyle. And Barbie, Joe and Norrie help Melanie Cross to remember exactly who she is, but end up with a lot of questions.

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Nature's Way of Leveling the Playing Field

Rebecca confronts Big Jim about their plan to address the population problem. He has doubts as he sifts through the census surveys. She tells him to stop thinking with his emotions. He wants the "dome to decide."

She takes matters into her own hands and steals his ID to get into the school lab for experiments. But first, she heads to a pig farm and finds out a pig has died from swine flu. She takes a blood sample and works on a mutation that they can use to taint the town's water and figure out who's a survivor. Big Jim finds her, and while he doesn't necessarily agree with her, she has a pretty convincing argument. And he finally agrees to go along with the plan.

Working Together for Good ... Or Not

Meanwhile, Julia knows that Big Jim is up to no good, and she knows that Barbie is on his side. She seeks out help from Sam. Together, they break into Rebecca's house, which leads them to the pig farm, where they see that more pigs have died and the swine flu is actually worse than Rebecca and Jim thought. They head to the diner and confront Jim; however, he doesn't have the virus -- Rebecca does.

Just as Rebecca is about to taint the holy water at the church, she hears the virus has mutated and gets second thoughts. Julia confronts -- or, rather, attacks -- her outside the church. However, Rebecca confesses she didn't go through with it. Both Big Jim and Rebecca are sent to jail. Julia wants the town to decide what happens to them next, but I feel like the dome will soon decide their fate.

Back at her house, Barbie comes by to reconcile, but Julia isn't having it. Sam makes his move, but she pushes him away. As she's making him tea so the two can figure out their next move for the town, he reveals scratches on his shoulder with an evil look in his eye. He is clearly up to no good.

Finding Out You're Dead Can't Be a Good Thing

After last week's revelation that Mystery Girl is actually Melanie Cross, a girl from 1988 who hasn't aged a bit, Joe and Norrie are trying to wrap their heads around it. Norrie doesn't believe it, while Joe is fascinated with Melanie showing up randomly in Chester's Mill. They go to find Julia, but end up telling Barbie instead. They find an old newspaper explaining that Melanie went missing in 1988 after her family moved to Chester's Mill from Zenith -- the same town where Barbie is from.

The four head to Melanie's old house where they find drawings of pink stars falling on the wall. They go to the field where they found the mini-dome. When Melanie steps on the spot where the mini-dome was, she has flashbacks of herself with Sam, Lyle and Pauline in 1988. She sees them finding a "meteorite," which cracks open to reveal an egg (the same egg that was in the mini-dome). When Melanie tries to flee with the egg, which is lit up with pink stars, someone pushes her down into the hole, and she hits her head on the meteorite and dies. The egg goes black.

As Barbie digs, he finds her old necklace and the meteorite, but no body. The four go to find Sam or Lyle to figure out what exactly happened that night and who killed Melanie.

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Mother Knows All

And good ol' James/Junior seeks answers from Lyle after finding the video message from his mother. He releases him from jail and they head to the barbershop where Lyle explains that Pauline faked her own death to get out of town before the dome came down. She apparently knew the dome was coming, as she predicted everything in postcards she painted and sent to Lyle over the past nine years, as well as in a journal.

James/Junior and Lyle go to Sam's cabin to find the journal. Lyle keeps spouting off stuff about the rapture and the "dome's plan" as the two tear the place apart looking for it. James/Junior finds it and Lyle snatches it from him. James/Junior now fears that Lyle actually killed Angie and pulls a gun on him. Lyle knocks James/Junior out and takes off with the journal.

Same, Norrie, Joe and Melanie find James/Junior in Sam's cabin as they search for answers about her life and death.

So the theory of Melanie "hatching" out of the egg in the lake is probably not far off at this point. I am very intrigued by this storyline. And I'm also intrigued by Barbie's connection to Melanie, as they've only touched on this a little bit. The question of why Barbie was in Chester's Mill when the dome came down has been unanswered since last season, so we just might be one step closer to finding out the truth of his past.

I really don't know what Rebecca's hold over Big Jim is, but she sure has a lot of influence in his decisions. Or she's just really good at persuading him to do what she wants, telling him it's not God, it's Darwin, and that it needs to become a survival of the fittest in order for Chester's Mill to stay alive and thrive under the dome.

And I can only assume that Pauline knew about the dome and falling pink stars from her contact with the dome and meteorite in 1988, which means that Sam and Lyle know a lot more than they are letting on.

My one complaint about this episode of Under the Dome is that the dome was pretty dormant. No raining blood acid. No butterflies. Just some dead pigs -- which perhaps is the dome's way of letting Big Jim know there needs to be another way to survive under it?

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