'Under the Dome' Recap: Barbie Doesn't Know Who He Can Trust on the Outside
'Under the Dome' Recap: Barbie Doesn't Know Who He Can Trust on the Outside
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
With just a few episodes left of Under the Dome, there still seem to be more questions than answers. But perhaps it can all be answered with the mysterious red door that Pauline drew before the dome came down. This week, Barbie realizes that not everything is great outside the dome as he tries to make contact with Julia. Meanwhile, Big Jim appoints himself sheriff and tries to stick his nose into everyone's business, yet again.

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Who Can Really Be Trusted?

Barbie finds himself at a crossroads. After his father agrees to help him, he finds himself questioning what exactly his father's role is when it comes to the dome. After his father Don is able to send Julia an e-mail, Barbie thinks everything will be okay. However, when sitting in the park, he sees a surveillance camera. Turns out, his father's energy company has eyes all over Zenith, and possibly the dome. A company employee, Hunter, follows Barbie and tells him that his father isn't all he's cracked up to be. Hunter shows Barbie that Don actually altered the e-mail sent to Julia and asks her to bring the egg outside the dome.

At the company, Don has Hunter send another message to Julia for Barbie, not knowing that Hunter has been helping Barbie. This time, Barbie puts a secret message in the e-mail that only Julia will understand. He then asks Hunter for access to the dome so he can see Julia.

After sneaking under a military truck and questioning what exactly is going on, Barbie reaches the dome and tells Julia "Not safe out here" and "Don't jump" before the military arrests him.

Big Jim is Back Again

After appointing himself as sheriff, Big Jim tries to get Rebecca and Junior on his side again. He hopes to have the town rally for him. However, after someone destroys the windmill they erected to clear the air a few days earlier, Big Jim is convinced someone is out for him. What a shocker, he has a long list of people who might possibly hate him. But it was really Phil that wants Big Jim to suffer. He's frustrated that he trusted Big Jim and all he got was a bullet to the chest.

Junior and Rebecca rescue Big Jim from Phil. Big Jim then locks Phil up. After he walks out of the station, he sees a helicopter flying around outside the dome. Then he watches the scene between Julia and Barbie unfold. You can just see the wheels turning in Big Jim's head.

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More Questions Than Answers

The e-mails that Barbie sends to Julia are sent to Joe's e-mail. So before Julia gets the second message, Joe, Norrie and Melanie help Julia get a message ready to throw over the ledge in the hopes that it will reach Barbie. After the second e-mail goes through, Julia insists on going to the dome's edge alone. Norrie, Joe and Melanie feel helpless but don't know what to do.

Meanwhile, outside the dome, Pauline wants to try and get back into the dome to save Junior, while Sam just wants to put it behind him. Reluctantly, he helps Pauline give Lyle a serum to help him remember. After he comes to, Pauline lets Lyle know he's outside the dome. The three go over the postcards that Pauline sent Lyle over the years. The last one that she never sent because the dome came down has a red door on it. They wonder if that door is the key to getting back into the dome to save everyone.

So which is the safer place? Under the dome or outside the dome? It looks like the dome might just be a government experiment, but why? And what for? I kind of like that idea, though. The idea of big brother always watching, even in Zenith with the surveillance cameras, is a great idea. I wonder if Don wants the egg for his energy company.

I was disappointed that Norrie, Joe and Melanie didn't really have a big role this week. I even felt the Big Jim storyline was insignificant in the grand scheme of things, since the episode focused solely on Barbie and outside the dome. I'm very curious and excited to see where the final episodes of Under the Dome season 2 lead.

Under the Dome airs Mondays at 10pm on CBS.

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