'Under the Dome' Recap: Big Jim Creates More Problems When He Finds the Egg
'Under the Dome' Recap: Big Jim Creates More Problems When He Finds the Egg
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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Last week, we learned that the red door does, in fact, lead people from Zenith back under the dome via some underground tunnel and into the lake. And for those who have been under the dome, or are involved in it in some way, they get flashbacks to why they are connected to the dome and each other. With only four episodes of Under the Dome season 2 left, this week's episode leaves Chester's Mill trapped back under the dome again, their only way out destroyed as Big Jim throws the egg over the cliff.

A Family Reunion

Big Jim confronts Pauline, at first thinking she's not real. She explains why she faked her death, and after being angry with her for leaving, his tune changes. He says he forgives her and that he's a changed man. All he wants is for them to be a family again.

Junior then comes home to be reunited with his mother, but he's not shocked by her appearance, as he already learned she was alive from Lyle. However, he's pissed that Sam is back and he goes to seek out revenge over Angie's death.

After making amends with Melanie, Sam seeks refuge in his cabin, but Junior finds him. And just as he's about to kill him, Angie appears in a vision and warns him that Sam can't die. She says if Sam dies, everyone in the dome will suffer. He eventually listens to her.

And in a bizarre twist and another family reunion, Barbie tells Melanie of his memory of her that he saw when he went through the red door. She remembers that day too and they soon realize that they are actually brother and sister.

An Exit Strategy

After returning to the dome, Barbie seeks out Julia. He explains to her and Rebecca how they came back, but that Lyle is still missing. He thinks they can get the whole town over the cliff to Zenith by using the egg as leverage. Julia has her doubts. Eventually, after talking to the town and weighing the pros and cons, one of which is that the climate in the dome is rapidly declining, they decide they should leave, with Julia going first and then Barbie and Melanie last with the egg.

Of course, Big Jim walks into the cafe during planning and wants in. He takes over the plans and says he wants to go first. They eventually agree, as long as his family stays behind so he has a real reason to negotiate on the other side.

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Searching for (and Losing) the Egg

Junior hides the egg from Big Jim right under his nose at the shelter. When Junior gets upset about Sam's return, the egg activates. It causes Pauline to start having visions again and she starts painting what we can only assume is the future.

Everyone starts looking for the egg, though, as they want to either protect it or bring it over the cliff. Once Big Jim happens upon it, it throws him across the shelter. Joe and Norrie find it and Norrie calms it down. When Big Jim comes to, he threatens them and makes them bring the egg to the cliff. And then he tosses it over, causing an earthquake in Chester's Mill.

Soon, Pauline's visions stop, Melanie passes out and Phil, who has overheard about the way out and escapes from jail, heads over the cliff. However, when Barbie and Julia rush to the cliff to see if they can retrieve the egg, they see that it's no longer an abyss to Zenith, but rather there's a bottom with spikes. On one of those spikes is Phil. They are trapped once again.

Just when we think there is a resolution, Chester's Mill is trapped again. But did we really think it would be that easy? I didn't. As much as I don't like Julia, she seems to be the only level-headed one right now. She had her doubts to begin with, and she was essentially right: nothing good can come from bringing the egg to Zenith.

I have to wonder if that's really where the egg went, though. I wouldn't be surprised if it's back in the lake or somewhere else that the dome might have created. After all, the tunnel and cliff were created when the dome came down. And the tunnel in the red door was also created after the dome came down.

My only disappointment is that we aren't really any closer to figuring out the part that Barbie's father has played in the dome. In fact, we are left with more questions than answers. But I'm actually okay with that.

Under the Dome airs Mondays at 10pm on CBS.

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