'Ugly Betty' Star Reportedly Dating Vince Vaughn
'Ugly Betty' Star Reportedly Dating Vince Vaughn
In the upcoming Ugly Betty episode entitled “Nice Day for a Posh Wedding,” Vanessa Williams' character, Wilhelmina Slater is set to marry Bradford Meade, played by Alan Dale.  Off-screen, the singer, actress and dethroned first African American winner of the Miss America pageant, has been rumored to be Vince Vaughn's latest flame.

In more news, the resident Ugly Betty editor from hell has reportedly renewed her contract as a spokesperson for Proactiv Solution by striking a multimillion dollar deal with the acne medication company.

First up though, recent reports claim that Williams is now dating Jennifer Aniston's former boyfriend.  According to Showbiz Spy, the pair has been “spotted sneaking around Los Angeles together.  It's early days but they really like each other and are determined to make it last.”

Williams and her most recent husband, Rick Fox, called it quits and went their separate ways back in 2004.  Sources say the Ugly Betty co-star blamed the demise of that relationship on the incessant prying from the media and press.  With her rumored new romance with Vince Vaughn, Williams is said to be extremely vigilant and careful not suffer the same problem.

“Vanessa is really trying to keep this a secret,” the report said.  “She feels that the press helped ruin her relationship with Rick, so she's trying to keep what she has with Vince private.”

In other news, and still on Vanessa Williams, the 44-year old former Miss America titleholder has just inked an extremely lucrative deal with the acne medicine company she has been a spokesperson for.  The new contract with Proactiv Solution reportedly worth $20 million is said to guarantee the Ugly Betty actress $3 million a year for five years.  She will also get to develop a cosmetics line for the firm.

"Vanessa has renewed her contract with Proactiv and will be involved in line extensions, including make-up," Brad Cafarelli, a longtime representative for Williams told The BV Newswire but added that they "do not confirm financial figures."

Other noted celebrities that have become faces for Proactive are Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Alicia Keys and Serena Williams.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Showbiz Spy, AOL Black Voices Newswire
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