'Ugly Betty' Star Graces Marie Claire December Cover
'Ugly Betty' Star Graces Marie Claire December Cover
Ugly Betty lands the cover of Marie Claire magazine.  Well, the actress who plays her did.  America Ferrera got all dolled up and glammed for the cover of the publication's latest British edition.

Meanwhile, even as Ferrera continues to win over fans, both as herself in real life and as her aesthetically-challenged alter ego on Ugly Betty, her co-star, Becki Newton, is perceived as bitchy on and off-screen.

America Ferrera has redefined and revolutionized today's perception of beauty and female stardom.  Not your typical Hollywood maven with the long, tall, statuesque and slender silhouette, or even the exotic wiles and glamour of Latin predecessor and Ugly Betty producer and occasional co-star, Salma Hayek, Ferrera holds her own as the latest face of Marie Claire UK's December issue.

The diminutive star of Ugly Betty is proud of her looks, referring to herself as being curvy in an industry and place where the term is often misused.

"There's just way too much attention placed on the way we look,” Ferrera said recently.  “I think it's hilarious when people call Jessica Alba or Eva Longoria curvy.  Come on - they're not curvy.  I'm curvy."

"What is normal now?” the actress wondered.  “Is it normal to be size zero?  Starving yourself is not beautiful.  I've been really lucky.  Playing Betty has prepared me to be exactly who I am and not to change.  If I've gained a pound or lost a pound, or have food in my teeth, it all works for the show."

One individual who pays far more obsessively close attention to her appearance is another Ugly Betty character, Amanda, played by Becki Newton.  On the series, Amanda is Mode's brutally frank, fashion-obsessed receptionist who spends her days devouring fashion magazines and spends every hard-earned penny collecting footwear.

According to the 28-year old actress who portrays her, she isn't exactly a crowd favorite among fans of the series.  Newton confesses that she is constantly dubbed a bitch by Ugly Betty followers.  Despite the verbal abuse however, Newton remains unperturbed, citing that it is just a reflection that she effectively essays her role.

"All the abuse just means I'm doing my job properly," Newton said.

Newton also revealed that she takes inspiration for her portrayal of Amanda from real-life fashionistas she comes across and runs into in the Big Apple.

"These very over-the-top characters really do exist,” Newton said.  “You don't meet them at the grocery store, but if you walk through the halls of somewhere like the Condé Nast building, where these magazines are based, you may well see clones of Amanda and Marc.  It's frightening."

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: China Daily, IANS, WENN
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