'Ugly Betty' Star Forced Out of Home
'Ugly Betty' Star Forced Out of Home
Ugly Betty's lead star has been forced out of her home for security reasons.  Network execs instructed the actress to find a more secure abode than her Los Angeles apartment.

Since assuming the American incarnation of Ugly Betty, America Ferrera has been catapulted to greater fame than she previously enjoyed after starring in HBO's Real Women Have Curves and the feature film, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  Because of the increased recognition, she is now at greater risk from would-be stalkers.

The bigwigs at ABC, Ugly Betty's home network, told Ferrera to leave her home after they learned how close fans could get to her apartment.

"There was a security issue,” the 23-year old actress said.  “I was living in an apartment in Hollywood where the windows faced the street.  I always left them open because there was an air conditioning unit hooked up to the outside.  I was told that was probably not such a good idea.  Anyone could look straight into the apartment.”

In other news, Ferrera's Ugly Betty co-star, Eric Mabius, who plays her boss, Daniel Meade, told OK! magazine that he and his wife watch Ugly Betty with their year-old son, Maxwell.  The 36-year old actor made the disclosure at last Saturday's Breaking the Ice Benefit which took place in Santa Monica.

“We watch Ugly Betty with the baby,” Mabius revealed.  “The writing is twice as good this year.”

He also mentioned his simple and effective technique for keeping his two-year marriage to interior designer Ivy Sherman, whom he married in February of 2006, after going together for five years, strong and solid.

“Saturday-night date night,” Mabius said.  “We come to events like this.”

The Ugly Betty co-star also offered a funny anecdote involving him and his young family.  He recounted the first meeting between him and Maxwell.

“When the doctor let me pull the baby out of Ivy, at first I said, ‘I can't do this! I'm gonna drop him.'  But I just crouched down - I had shorts and flip flops on - and I pulled him out of her!”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: ContactMusic, The Sun, OK!
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