'Ugly Betty' Season Finale Airs Tonight
'Ugly Betty' Season Finale Airs Tonight
Tonight is the night Ugly Betty fans have been waiting for, for weeks!  The second season is finally coming to a close, and with that, creator Silvio Horta has made big promises of great twists and cliffhangers coming our way in the last episode entitled “Jump.”

Last week on Ugly Betty, we saw some pretty smoking hot scenes as Gio made his feelings known to Betty (America Ferrera) in a bold move.  To further confuse things, Wilhemina Slater (Vanessa Williams) came back into the picture, with a nice grand entrance to meet the Meade family and shake Daniel’s (Eric Mabius) hand.  What’s to come now that Wilhemina is back to cause more trouble?  And what exactly will be that hard decision Betty has to make?  Read on to see what’s in store tonight.

In the highly anticipated season finale of Ugly Betty, we’ll get to see Mode and Elle face off in a not-so-friendly softball game for a cause.  Supermodel Naomi Campbell plays herself as she teams up with Elle to crush the Mode crew.

Also included in this episode is the highly awaited appearance of Lindsay Lohan.  She’ll be appearing in what seems to be a high school flashback, where she’s seen having P.E. classes with Betty.  Click on the clip below to see the Lohan encounter.

More interesting news comes with the next clip, as we see Betty bothered by some hard romantic decision she has to make.  Apparently she’s stuck between Gio (who forwardly kissed her last episode) and Henry, whom she had previously fallen in love with until that Charlie girl came around to ruin things.

If you think the excitement ends there, you’ve got it all wrong. In fact, another explosive revelation came with E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos, who reported on the love triangle, saying, “One of the boys proposes in the finale, and the other one invites her to travel with him. In true TV fashion, at the end of the episode, we have no idea whom she leaves with, and we'll have to wait until next season to find out.”

As for Daniel Meade, Kristin reports, “He'll lose something very important to him, and in a cosmic, karmic exchange, rediscover a part of his life he never knew he had.”

Here are a couple more clips to warm you up for tonight’s episode.

In another surprising turn of events, ABC just released the following video in the official Ugly Betty website.  It’s a clip of Betty calling out to Madonna for an autographed CD for Justin.  This might be a hint that they have Madonna in the wings to be their surprise guest this evening.  Hopefully, something in the lines of a surprise visit by the queen of pop would take place in Mode.

Tune in to ABC tonight at 8pm for the season finale of Ugly Betty.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Ugly Betty News, E! Online
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