Ugly Betty: Preview of Episode 4.14 "Smokin' Hot"
Ugly Betty: Preview of Episode 4.14 "Smokin' Hot"
Betty's on Fashion Week mode for Mode tonight, as Ugly Betty gets "Smokin' Hot."  For this new episode of our nearing-its-end series, diabolic plots are at hand and reunions will take place.

First off, Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) hatches a scheme to get Betty (America Ferrera) in trouble as the company takes on Fashion Week.  It's a good thing Daniel (Eric Mabius) steps in and helps out our heroine.  She instead gets assigned to cover a low-priority show, which could end up being a big deal for her.

Betty discovers an up and coming designer named Marisa (guest star Aubrey Dollar), whom she promotes.  She even lists her as one of the 10 Designers to Watch, which certainly is a feather in her cap.  Unfortunately for her, Marc (Michael Urie) interferes and takes all the credit.

As for his other half on Mode, Amanda (Becki Newton) is wrapped up in her own crazy business as well.  Impressed by Helen's (guest star Kristen Johnson) skills in sewing, she proposes they team up for an exciting venture.

They decide to start a new line, but can't seem to convince anyone else to support them.  Not even Marc or Betty agrees to lobby Wilhelmina for Amanda.

Meanwhile, Claire's son Tyler (guest star Neal Bledsoe) resurfaces in New York.  He first encounters Wilhelmina though, and he ends up in the Mode business as you can see below.

But what he's really doing in the city is looking for his mom.  Tyler's all set to find Claire, and he eventually does.  But will they even get along once they come face-to-face?

Speaking of faces, Daniel gets tempted into modeling.  It certainly will be "Smokin' Hot," but things are even hotter when everyone discovers the Suarez home in flames.  And really, it's not just Willy's rage that got that started.

Catch the promo clip for the new episode of Ugly Betty below.

Don't forget to catch "Smokin' Hot" as it airs tonight at 10pm on ABC.

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