Ugly Betty: Preview of Episode 4.11 "Back in Her Place"
Ugly Betty: Preview of Episode 4.11 "Back in Her Place"
Once again, Betty must endure the torments brought about by the conniving Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams).  We'd think she'd lay low on the sadistic assignments for our Ugly Betty heroine now that Connor's back.  Obviously, we were wrong.

On "Back in Her Place" tonight, Betty (America Ferrera) becomes the object of her boss' ridiculous experiments for Mode.  She's become Willy's little lab rat, going through whatever is asked for the magazine.  Things don't go well for both of them, so our ever-optimistic protagonist tries to find a way out of the rut.

Stumbling upon Audrey Hepburn's memoir, Betty decides to create her own blog which chronicles extraordinary charitable projects that inspire her.  Her hobby is so far the only thing that's keeping her going, in addition to the helpful Mr. Z (guest star Fisher Stevens).

Here's another preview with Betty talking to the family and Matt (Daniel Eric Gold) about the blog she's planning to write.

There's also another issue that's fishy at Mode, when Daniel (Eric Mabius) suspects that he's being sabotaged by Marc (Michael Urie).  The sad part is that his speculations are true.  Marc being by Willy's side must have something to do with it.

Back at home, Hilda (Ana Ortiz) and her hormones are acting up and she's having a tough time dealing with it all.  With the baby on the way and Bobby (Adam Rodriguez) in her way, she definitely needs a break.  It's a good thing the father of her child is understanding enough.

Bobby takes her out for some pampering, declaring it "Hilda Week" for the pregnant Suarez sister.  Will this be enough to keep the mom-to-be calm?

As for another couple we're looking out for, it's Wilhelmina making a commitment to the incarcerated Connor (Grant Bowler).  They've finally decided to take their relationship to a whole new level, or at least to a level the prison will allow.

Don't forget to catch tonight's episode of Ugly Betty, titled "Back in Her Place", as it airs on its new timeslot at 10pm on ABC.

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