Ugly Betty: More Updates on Season 2's Remaining Episodes
Ugly Betty: More Updates on Season 2's Remaining Episodes
With the return of the highly-anticipated second season of Ugly Betty, fans were treated to an episode packed with intrigue and laughter.  On Thursday, we saw Wilhemina's (Vanessa Williams) efforts to get in between her sister Renee (Gabrielle Union) and Daniel (Eric Mabius) newfound relationship. We also saw evil little Charlie's attempts of getting in between birthday girl Betty (America Ferrera) and Henry (Christopher Gorham).

It seems like everyone is trying to get into someone else's business on Ugly Betty, but before we tackle spoilers for next week's episode, let's talk about what is in store for the rest of season 2.

Recently, Christopher Gorham appeared as guest on Martha, in which he gave us some hints on what's to come in the rest of the season 2 episodes.  In fact, he says that there will be some intriguing events in Betty's life

"Betty's good. She has some big decisions to make, though," he told Martha.  "Our season finale is coming up in a couple of weeks.  She has some big life choices to make."

Martha went on to ask if there is any marriage happening in Ugly Betty anytime soon, to which Gorham replied, "Maybe to get married, to not to get married.  Maybe to go to Italy with somebody else, or not to go to Italy."

And when asked about what happens to Henry once Betty does leave for Italy with someone else, Gorham gave a nervous laugh saying, "It might not be good."

Meanwhile, some guest stars are going to appear on Ugly Betty's much awaited season finale, and one of them is none other than supermodel Naomi Campbell. In fact, our resident receptionist confirms this.

"She's [Naomi Campbell] going to be in our last episode, which is exciting," Becki Newton, who plays Amanda in the series, told the Associated Press.  Campbell was supposed to play herself on the show last year, but due to the complications of the writers' strike, the producers were not able to fit her into the plot.  Fans mustn't worry though, as they have all got it figured out.  Campbell will play herself in the season finale, which will also have Elle editor Robbie Myers and creative director Joe Zee aboard. Nina Garcia will also be appearing in next week's episode.

Meanwhile, America Ferrera confirms to USA Today that Betty's upcoming days will be "rough." In fact, Ferrera says that "There's a lot going on in these five episodes, but it's very focused. An arc begins and kind of ends for Betty, specifically concerning her love life."

Is she implying that Betty will get caught in between Henry and Gio? And will she manage to get away from the claws of Renee? Check out next episode's spoiler clip below.

Don't forget to catch Episode 2.15, "Burning Questions" on Tuesday, 8pm on ABC to find out the answers to our burning questions.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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