'Ugly Betty' Guest Star Meets 'The Starter Wife'
'Ugly Betty' Guest Star Meets 'The Starter Wife'
During the second season of Ugly Betty, we saw a lot of developments involving the relationships of several characters on the show.  Betty (America Ferrera) herself had to make some life-changing decisions, while her sister Hilda (Ana Ortiz) moved on from the death of Santos (Kevin Alejandro), the father of her flamboyant son, Justin (Mark Indelicato).  Moreover, we saw Hilda heating things up with Coach Diaz, played by Eddie Cibrian.

However, just when you thought you’ll have some more eye candy in the form of Coach Diaz, the face behind the hot new Hilda squeeze is said to be heading to another show!  In fact, EW reports that Eddie Cibrian was recently recruited into the USA network’s The Starter Wife, where he is to play a detective investigating some suspicious events in Molly’s (Debra Messing) life.  Cibrian is set to appear on the show for the three-episode arc.

Fans mustn’t worry about Coach Diaz, though, as Ana Ortiz confirms to E! Online, “I’ve shot a lot about my whole relationship with the Coach,” adding that “we’ve gotten Betty a new apartment.”

In other Ugly Betty news, Christopher Gorham, who played Betty’s lover Henry in the series, also has a new show, CBS’ midseason offering, Harper’s Island.  Coincidentally, Jayma Mayes, who played Charlie on Ugly Betty, is on the series as well.

Now that Christopher Gorham has moved on to other projects, what can he say about his Henry’s relationship with Betty?  “The show got us together then had to think of ways to keep us apart,” he says.  Sadly enough, this may mean that there won’t be any happy endings for these two lovebirds.

Nonetheless, fans should be looking forward to the new season of Ugly Betty, which brings back one of our favorite guest stars, Lindsay Lohan for a few more episodes.

“Lindsay gets down and dirty, and there's food involved when she gets down and dirty,” Mark Indelicato revealed to E! Online.  “There were milkshakes thrown.  I had pizza on me.  It was pretty gnarly.  Lindsay was a good food fighter.  She and America were really going at it-throwing rolls at each other-it was so funny.”

Catch Ugly Betty as its third season premieres on September 25 at 8pm on ABC.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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