'Ugly Betty' Actor Mugged, Glad Co-Stars Weren't Hurt
'Ugly Betty' Actor Mugged, Glad Co-Stars Weren't Hurt
After attending a party for the cast and crew of Ugly Betty over the weekend, show actor David Blue found himself face-to-face with two men armed with a gun. Blue was walking back to his friends car when the men held him and a friend at gunpoint, stealing his wallet, camera and mobile phone in the process.  Fortunately, neither Blue nor his friend was hurt in the mugging.

“There's a sad part of me that is just happy that I got away alive and that my friend wasn't hurt,” Blue, who plays Michael Urie's love interest in Ugly Betty's current season, wrote on his MySpace blog.  “There's another sad part of me that is happy they got me and not America Ferrera [Betty Suarez], Michael Urie [Marc St. James], Judith Light [Claire Meade] or anybody else at the party with WAY more money than myself.”

Another thing that the Ugly Betty actor is grateful for is having been “smart enough to hand over our money so quicly.”

“I can tell you, even with a gun in my face, my first reaction was to nail this guy in the face with as many punches as I could muster,” he said, “but instead I looked at my female friend and realized it'd be better to hand over my wallet and call the police.”

David Blue spent several hours talking to police, who informed him that some others had also been victimized in the past few weeks.

“On top of that, as we were in [the police] car, we heard a radio call saying another mugging happened with the same description...about 30 minutes after ours,” Blue added.

In the same post, David Blue clarified that the party he had attended was not a wrap party for Ugly Betty's second season.  Rather, it was a “well-deserved get-together” that they arranged after they finished filming the show's last available episode.

“I think everybody wholeheartedly hopes that the strike will end soon and we'll all be back to work by February,” Blue wrote, adding that since he is only part of the recurring cast, he is “not privy to any information like when/if the next episode shoots.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: David Blue Official MySpace
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