'Ugly Betty' Actor Heading to Texas to Host Column Awards
'Ugly Betty' Actor Heading to Texas to Host Column Awards
Ugly Betty star Michael Urie is heading to his hometown of Plano, Texas next month in order to co-host the 9th Annual Column Awards, a ceremony held in honor and celebration of the works of the Dallas-Fort Worth Theater Community.  Urie is co-hosting the event with Column Awards founder John Garcia, who is thrilled to have the rising television star back for another turn.

"If there was one comment that I heard throughout this whole year regarding The Column Awards was that we had to bring Urie back, which I wholeheartedly agree," Garcia said.  Apparently, Urie, who plays Marc on Ugly Betty, wowed the audience greatly with both his wit and personality when he hosted the event last year.

"Michael added so, so much hysterical laughter to that evening with his quick wit, wicked sense of humor, and charming disposition,” Garcia added.  “Even the day after the gala when we had to take him to the airport, he stated several times how much fun he had with The Column Awards and really hoped to come back.  I immediately said, 'Then it's a deal!  This is your official invitation to come back!  And he did!"

The Column Awards is not the only event that Michael Urie has had the opportunity to host. Recently, he hosted the TLC reality series, Miss America: Reality Check, which became a ratings hit and helped raise viewership for last month's telecast of the pageant.

Michael Urie has also worked extensively in theater, recently performing in such productions as the South Coast Repertory's Hamlet and the Blank Theater Company's Dickie and Babe. It is, however, Urie's portrayal of catty assistant Marc on Ugly Betty that has accounted for much of his current fame.

The 9th Annual Column Awards will be held on Monday, March 3 at 7pm at the Courtyard Theater on Avenue H. Ticket prices range from $25 - $50.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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